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Kelis and ‘the Anthony Bourdain of Weed’ to host Netflix competition, ‘Cooked with Cannabis,’ launching April 20

(Right) ‘Milkshake’ singer Kelis(Netflix)

Something potent and herbal stimulated will be on the menu for this year’s 4/20 celebration.

Kelis, of “Milkshake” fame, and Portland-based chef Leather Storrs will host Netflix’s new cannabis-infused cooking competition, “Cooked with Cannabis,” launching April 20.

During each episode of the series’ six episodes, three professional chefs work against the clock to create a three-course meal based around various themes with cannabis as the main ingredient.

So expect some pot to be in the pot.

Shot in Los Angeles and produced by David Broome, Yong Yam and former NBC chairman Jeff Gaspin, Kelis and Storrs will be joined by an ever-changing group of dinner guests who get to sample each course, and who also can chime in to help select each episode’s winner.

This season’s guest list includes trailblazing talk show host Ricki Lake, actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, and rappers Too $hort and El-P.

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Published: March 23, 2020
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