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Kevin Durant Says Weed Helps People Do Good Things


  • Kevin Durant suggested that the NBA should lift the ban for using weed
  • He compared it to people drinking coffee and drinking wine everyday
  • Durant is still out as he is still doing his rehab following torn Achilles injury

We’ve heard the news months ago about free-agent guard Dion Waiters’ suspension after overdosing himself with a THC-infused “gummy”, which is one of the banned substances in the NBA. He reportedly had a panic attack while on a plane and was treated in a hospital when the plane landed in Los Angeles.

According to The Guardian, the 28-year old guard was listed out by the team due to an illness and missed their game against the Los Angeles Lakers as he’s being treated. After 10 days, the Heat organization suspended him for 10-game without pay for “conduct detrimental to the team.”

In an episode of “All The Smoke” hosted by former NBA players Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant said that it is time for the league to remove its ban on the substance. He also claimed that it doesn’t have a downside to people who use it.

“It’s just like, marijuana is marijuana. It’s not harmful to anybody. It can only help and enhance and do good things,” said the two-time Finals MVP back with Golden State Warriors. “I feel like it shouldn’t even be a huge topic around it anymore.”

“It’s one of those plants that’s an acquired taste. If you love it, you love it. If you don’t, you’re not even going to pick it up,” shared Durant, who is a huge marijuana advocate.

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Published: February 27, 2020

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