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Kings Garden files lawsuit against founder’s brother contending fraud, libel and attempted extortion

In an attempt to harm Michael King and his Business, Paul King Engaged in Illegal Practices, including Identity Fraud, Blackmail, and Data Theft, to name a few

May 24, 2021 – Riverside County, CA: Kings Garden and Michael King were left with no choice but to file a lawsuit against Paul King. The lawsuit alleges Paul King intentionally set out to harm his brother, his business and his business partners. It alleges Paul falsified records, improperly obtained information, committed identity fraud, impersonated people, filed a false police report, lied, published peoples’ private information, and attempted to extort millions of dollars. The lawsuit sets the record straight and corrects the blitz of misinformation Paul King, Michael’s brother published.

The lawsuit is linked here:

About Kings Garden:

Based in Coachella Valley, Kings Garden Inc. is California’s predominant cannabis cultivation, processing and manufacturing company, specializing in the world of premium grade boutique products at an unsurpassed commercial scale. Now one of the largest producers in California, Kings Garden prides itself on having organized a highly experienced cannabis management and operations team, while being fully compliant and licensed across the state of California.

From its inception, Kings Garden has held unwavering values focused on superior quality of end products, its team of management and employees who are considered family, giving back to local communities, and the advancement of the cannabis industry as a whole.

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