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Kushy Punch Cannabis License Revoked Following Raid

Kushy Punch products seized from unlicensed Canoga Park facility.

Kushy Punch’s commercial cannabis license was revoked by California cannabis regulators today. Kushy Punch is a popular California cannabis brand, producing vapes and gummies.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control and California Department of Public Health announced the Vertical Bliss, DBA Kushy Punch, license revocation for their commercial facility located at 20500 Nordhoff Street in Chatsworth, California. The announcement follows a raid and allegations of Kushy Punch producing vapes containing pesticides. 

From the BCC’s press release:

“After receiving a complaint about illegal cannabis activity at a location in Canoga Park, state regulators searched the unlicensed location and seized nearly $21 million in illegal cannabis products, including 7,200 illegal vape cartridges. The license for the Nordhoff Street premises was revoked following the discovery of connections between Vertical Bliss and the unlicensed location. The revocations of Vertical Bliss’ cannabis manufacturing license CDPH-10003574 and cannabis distribution license C11-0000544-LIC are effective today, November 21, 2019.

All commercial cannabis activity in California must be conducted on a premises with a valid license issued by the appropriate state cannabis licensing authority. Manufacturing, distributing or selling cannabis goods without a state license or at a location that is not licensed is a violation of state law.

 Alex Traverso, the BCC’s Assistant Chief of Communications, told Candid Chronicle that operating licenses can be revoked even if an operator was not found guilty by a court of law. According to Traverso, this may happen under the condition that “the operator was found to be violating state cannabis regulations.”

The regulations that Kushy Punch violated include operating from an unlicensed facility, one separate from their Chatsworth location. 

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Published: November 21, 2019

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