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Kushy Punch Raided; Authorities Allege Unregulated Market Dealings

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California state officials confiscated these Kushy Punch vape cartridges in their investigation of the company’s unlicensed Canoga Park facility. (Courtesy of CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs)
California has a troubling new wrinkle in the vaping story rocking the nation.
Acting on a tip, state officials raided a warehouse in Canoga Park and discovered an illegal manufacturing operation.

Prompted by a tip, investigators at the California Department of Consumer Affairs served a search warrant on Thursday, Oct. 3, at a light industrial space in northwest Los Angeles’ Canoga Park district.

There they found an illegal cannabis product manufacturing operation apparently operated by Kushy Punch, a legal state-licensed company. Authorities seized a number of finished products, including gummies in Kushy Punch packaging and disposable vaporizers in Kushy Vape packaging.

In photos obtained by Leafly, the facility appeared to be performing petro-solvent extractions, where a technician concentrates the active ingredient in cannabis, THC. Petro-solvent extraction is legal with a permit in California. The extraction method can sometimes have the effect of concentrating pesticides along with the THC.

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Published: October 07, 2019

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