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L.A. trade group seeks enforcement, felonies for tainted pot sales

On the heels of a cannabis trade group letter last week threatening a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles over its alleged lack of enforcement against illegal marijuana shops, another MJ-focused organization sent a note to city leaders.

Instead of a threat, though, the second letter was an olive branch full of policy suggestions.

The Southern California Coalition (SCC) wrote to City Attorney Mike Feuer with a white paper that outlined suggestions for a more effective approach at clamping down on unlicensed MJ businesses that are still rampant throughout L.A. – including possible felony charges for endangering consumers by selling contaminated products.

The group focused its comments on how product testing and safeguarding the public from potentially toxic cannabis could be a better way to target illicit actors and also hailed the city attorney’s office for a new approach it began in April.

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Published: June 11, 2019

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