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L.A. Weekly Picks 20 Movies to Watch While You’re Stoned

Cannabis aficionados know from experience that smoking a doobie makes everything better; food, sex, everything. That’s especially true of movies where the colors are brighter and the sound of music is heightened. And if it’s a cold, rainy day in Los Angeles — if it ever is — there’s nothing better than to stay in bed, fire up a fatty, tune in, turn on and enjoy the show.

But first, a warning: This is not about the best stoner movies. (If it was, then Sean Penn’s Spicoli would win hands-down, of course.) Instead, this is about the best movies to watch and rewatch when you’re stoned. And there are no rankings — the titles are in alphabetical order — because it’s impossible to compare, for example, a road-trip picture with a cartoon. So we aren’t even going to try. But we are going to roll another one.

Here are L.A. Weekly‘s top 20 movies to watch while enjoying California’s legalization of recreational cannabis:

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece. Evolution. Existence. A spaceship tango set to “The Blue Danube Waltz.” Betrayed by HAL, Dave rockets through a psychedelic wormhole. “It’s full of stars!” Are you experienced?

Airplane (1980): This silly and timeless parody spoofs disaster films. Every stereotype gets a few minutes of fame as an alcoholic pilot and his ex-girlfriend attempt to make an emergency landing.

The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski
Courtesy Gramercy Pictures

The Big Lebowski (1998): Jeff Bridges is “the Dude” and Ethan and Joel Coen are at their best. When someone with the same name as Jeff Lebowski gets ripped off, it’s time for the Dude to find out the answer because he’s being blamed. That sends him spiraling into the Los Angeles underworld.

A Clockwork Orange (1971): Alex (Malcolm McDowell) and his Droogs make their way through a future England drinking psychedelic milk and doing a bit “of the old ultraviolence.” Another classic from director Kubrick, based on Anthony Burgess’ 1962 novel.

Don't try this at home, even when stoned.

Don’t try this at home, even when stoned.
Columbia Pictures

Easy Rider (1969): An entire generation of stoners saw this flick and then went in search of marijuana. Thank you, Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, Terry Southern and Jack Nicholson.

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Published: Thursday, April 19, 2018

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