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LA-based cannabis business shares why they grow without any pesticides

(Photo: Green Door West)

Marijuana might be approaching legal solvency, but it’s still stymied by a federal ban. Currently, cannabis growing operations are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, and therefore do not dictate the usage of pesticides or insecticides on cannabis farms. Instead, state governments are asked to step in to administer those regulations, and the results have been mixed.

California has recently stepped up to address those contamination issues head-on — as of July 1, all marijuana sold in the state is municipally mandated to be tested for pesticides and microbiological taint — but that’s never been a worry for Green Door West, a cannabis delivery business operating in the greater Los Angeles area.

Green Door’s promise is that every single strand they sell is 100% vegan, 100% organic, and grown in small batches with tender love and care by people who know the marijuana industry inside and out. Management at Green Door says they came up with this idea, specifically because they had friends and family members who were stricken with cancer and used cannabinoid treatments as part of their medication. Naturally, they didn’t like the idea of their loved ones being forced to ingest products that have been unscrupulously tested for defoliants.

“I heard from my friends and family personally that the flowers they were purchasing had been laced with pesticides, fungicides and all kinds of things that aren’t legal in the agricultural industry. Pesticides that have been strictly labeled as illegal in America and Europe,” said Green Door management. “I thought to myself, ‘Wow, if we can’t use this stuff on a banana — which has a peel you have to take off in order to eat it — how can we use it for cannabis?’

“If marijuana is going to be consumed as medicine, above all, it needs to be clean,” they added. “Especially for something like cancer. The basic concept for veganism is, ‘Let the food be the medicine, and let the medicine be the food,’ and I saw the correlation between that and marijuana instantly. We’re pushing against this corporate weed agenda with large cultivation sites, which typically mean a lot of pesticides.”

Green Door prioritizes transparency more than anything else. All the flowers they serve are guaranteed to be organic, vegan and all-natural, and when you peruse the catalogue online, you’ll notice that each of the strains are presented with high-resolution photographs. The company isn’t interested in misdirecting anyone, and say they intend to serve customers that value quality and hold a certain epicurean curiosity — a far cry from the weed lollipops at your local dispensary.

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Published: October 26, 2018

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