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LA Cannabis Businesses Urge Officials to Crack Down on Illicit Market


A business coalition letter suggests fining employees, as well as confiscating marijuana and cash.

There is an ongoing battle in Los Angeles over the proliferation of illegal cannabis dispensaries, which many in the legal business community say is cutting sharply into their profits. Since illegal dispensaries don’t have to live up to the same guidelines and tax rates as regulated cannabis shops, they are able to provide marijuana to the consumer for a more affordable price. With the state’s marijuana revenue numbers clocking in much lower than had been anticipated, concerns are running high over the issue.

On Monday, cannabis entrepreneur group Southern California Coalition sent a letter to the city asking officials to get nastier with the illegal dispensaries. The communique counseled LA agencies to ramp up its raids on illegal dispensaries, and suggested that fining employees to discourage them from returning to their jobs could help to do the trick.

The letter also posited that if authorities seized cash and cannabis products on site at the businesses in question, it could prevent them from re-opening quickly. Other measures suggested included employing tax liens, and enlisting building inspectors to accompany officials on raids in order to close down any structurally unsound illegal dispensaries.

Should the city fail to take further action on the matter, the coalition says results could be disastrous for legal operators, who “cannot compete with illicit operators,” according to the letter.

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Published: June 11, 2019

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