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LA City Council expected to weigh one-year cannabis vape sales ban

A Los Angeles City Council member is moving to temporarily ban the sale of all marijuana vaping products in response to the recent vaping illness epidemic.

Whether the measure will become law remains unclear. But, if successful, it could prove to be a major blow to cannabis retailers and vaporizer companies in the world’s largest MJ market – and could spur other municipalities to follow suit.

The measure, introduced Wednesday by Council Member Paul Krekorian, calls for the council to ask the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would “prohibit the sale of all cannabis products and associated accessories used for vaping” within L.A. for one year.

The ordinance would be automatically renewed annually until the council determines that MJ vaping products are “safe for consumer use.”“I am seeking to halt cannabis vaping until it is proven safe,” Krekorian said in a press release, and added that he expects the council to vote on the motion “soon.”

The proposal also calls for the city’s Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) to issue a report on testing lab activities in both the city and from across the state “as they relate to cannabis product safety and public health.”

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Published: September 26, 2019

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