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LA Marathon Got Its First Cannabis Sponsor

Despite health concerns, the Los Angeles Marathon took place last weekend, and participants and attendees saw cannabis products promoted during the event for the first time ever.

As part of an official sponsorship, Sagely Naturals took over Mile 16 at the LA Marathon to provide an experiential recovery station for spectators and runners. As they ran or walked along Burton Way, attendees were able to take a break and enjoy wellness treatments using Sagely’s Relief & Recovery cream.

The brand also had a booth at the finish line, where it offered educational services to teach people about CBD wellness, and even gave out samples.

“When we were presented with the opportunity to be the first cannabis sponsor of the Los Angeles Marathon, it felt like a perfect fit,” Kerrigan Behrens, co-CEO of Sagely Naturals, told Benzinga. “CBD has become widely recognized in the past few years because of its ability to help people do more of what they love (including running!) and it’s an honor to be one of the fastest growing brands in the space. We hope this is the first of many marathons to come.”

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Published: March 10, 2020

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