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Last Year Americans Spent As Much On Cannabis As They Did On Taco Bell

New data compiled by Marijuana Business Daily says that last year Americans spent $10.4 billion on legal cannabis, about the same amount of money that they spent on Taco Bell foods. To help you get some perspective, Taco Bell is the sixth-largest fast food chain in the country.

Are people buying weed and then stuffing themselves with Cheesy Gorditas? Seems plausible.

The 10.4 billion earned in 2018 are made up of the medical and recreational cannabis sales, a figure that has grown over the years and that’s expected to go even further. Last year cannabis managed to outsell some of the most discussed brands, like the Fortnite video game and the e-cigarette industry. By 2020, stats suggest that the cannabis industry could rival the revenue income of the NFL.

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Published: June 07, 2019

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