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Leaf gift launches a curated CBD subscription box

POC & Women-Led Startup Is Creating a Convenient Way For Consumers To Find Premium CBD

LOS ANGELESMarch 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leaf Gift, a premium CBD subscription box service based in Los Angeles, California, has launched today nationwide.  Leaf Gift conveniently delivers a carefully curated box by choosing products that meet company standards: the products must be organic, all-natural, clean, high quality, and eco-conscious. They stand out amongst other CBD subscription boxes by focusing on the finest products that the industry has to offer.

Leaf Gift helps new customers and CBD connoisseurs alike explore and share their options and craft a CBD routine catered to their specific needs. Their overarching goal is to create a community centered around CBD — and offer this community the opportunity to discover top-tier CBD brands in the most convenient format possible.

Subscribing to Leaf Gift provides both time and monetary savings to consumers. A subscription box starting at $65 valued at over $150, consists of an assortment of: tinctures, edibles, beauty products, topicals, capsules, and canine products. Brands that you can find in the Leaf Gift boxes include: Winged, Kurvana, Hakuna Supplies, Kingsley Pet Tinctures, and High Hemp Falls. “We were able to gain greater exposure with LeafGift and help customers find relief with our products,” David from New World CBD, a vendor for LeafGift said.

Co-founded by three people of color, the Leaf Gift team is bringing some much-needed diversity and variety into the hemp industry. “The hemp space is a predominately white male dominated industry. As a Black male, I am excited to be entering the CBD industry, which has seen an 890% growth rate from 2014 to 2018, and hope to inspire other Black entrepreneurs to do the same. It’s the one industry we can fight for an equal playing field” – Tedd Bernard.

“Coming from the music industry, where the goal is to create an outlet for people – CBD is providing the same solution to help people relax and reduce stress. I am excited to be bridging the gap between the music world and the CBD space,” – Zoe Young

“CBD is the new green juice that is synonymous with wellness. I am determined to break stereotypes associated with CBD by positioning Leaf Gift to be a catalyst and conversation starter to associating CBD with self-care. Even from the design, I specifically chose colors and brand elements that evokes relaxation and health.  I’m passionate about being an Asian Women Executive (WEO) in a male-dominated industry.” – Joanna Geummy Lee.

About Leaf Gift
Leaf Gift is a women-led and POC founded CBD subscription box available nationwide. Leaf Gift is focused on the quality, ingredients, and sustainability components surrounding CBD and is setting a new standard by making it convenient for customers to receive a variety of curated gift-worthy CBD products. Leaf Gift was built out of the Venture Studio, We Know Ventures focused on getting Women & POC into the cannabis industry.

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