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L.A. Cannabis News celebrates 420 with over 50 brand and dispensary specials not to be missed

4/20 is upon us and it’s time to break out your best bong, spark up that fire flower, and take in all 420 has to offer. Here are some of the best cannabis brand and dispensary specials L.A. Cannabis News has found to heighten your celebrations, whether you’re planning to party like a rockstar or get lit while laying low.

THC Products

A Golden State
A Golden State is minority-owned and operated and its executive team is 70% female. A Golden State has committed to sustainability in all they do, proven by becoming the first and only carbon-neutral cannabis brand. Deals & Promotions: Buy two 1/8th’s, get one 1/8th for a penny: offered from 4.15 – 4.19. Buy one 1/8th, get one 1/8th for $1: available on 4.20. The first 20 AGS customers receive an additional 1 gram pre-roll for a penny. Promotions offered in 20+ CA retailers including Purple Lotus, Sweet Flower, People’s OC, CornerStone Collective, Purple Star MD, Fig & Thistle, Harborside, and more.

420 Deal: Buy any Almora product, get an Almora 1/8th for $1

Autumn Brands
“For the avid cannabis dabbers to the CBD/THC beginners, Autumn Brand’s has you covered showcasing their full 420 lineup anywhere from, Premium Flower Jars, 1 Gram PreRoll, 7-pack PreRolls, Muscle & Joint Salve, Warrior + Thrive Elixirs, and their Premium Smalls Flower strains are ½ oz (14 g). Look out for their BOGO pre roll pack deals in Los Angeles, Central Coast and local delivery. Providing pesticide free, quality, yet potent cannabis you can trust.”


Hibachi 3.5g Limited Harvest Premium Indoor Flower. The highest quality Caliva flower jar to date. This will be one of the best $40 eighths a California cannabis consumer can buy this 4/20. Caliva Hibachi is a flavorful and potent indica cultivar. Meticulously crafted with care, this quality cross of Guava with a Gelato lineage carries with it some hallmarks of this classic with a complex terpene profile. The aromas span the spectrum from sweet fruit to musky, creamy gas with cinnamon notes, before circling back to a tart berry finish. Grind it up to unlock a bust of floral citrus and enjoy a rich and buttery smoke with this fresh cut. This heavy-hitter is a time-dissolver that leaves you reminiscing about that first time high. 420 Promo: Half Oz for $100 (4 eighths @ $25 each) from Fri, 4/8 – Weds, 4/20 (Includes Alien OG, Mother’s Milk, Watermelon Sorbet & Moto OG)

Claybourne Co
They are coming out with a limited edition 5-gram Flight for 4/20, which will allow customers to try out 5 different strains of Claybourne flower for the price of an1/8th. It will be sold statewide in California at various store locations up and down the coast as well as through their very own delivery service, Claybourne Connect. Click here to shop Claybourne Co products.

Cliq by Select

Limited Edition Elite Live Strain “Haunted Haze” In celebration of 4/20, Select has teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist James Haunt for a limited-edition “Haunted Haze” Elite Live strain that will hit shelves across California this week. Herbal and fruity with well-rounded earthy and tropical notes, Haunted Haze is a perfectly balanced hybrid with just enough juice to spark creativity without being couch-locked. Available in 1g Cliq Live pods.

DELI Dimes
They’re worth more than their weight in gold. Each sugar-dusted Dime is bursting with juicy flavor and 10mg of THC from 100% full-spectrum oil for a rich experience. With 10 Dimes and 100mg THC per pouch, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better bang for your buck! DELI Dimes (10mg THC) & Nickels (5mg THC) Gummies – Day of 4/20 Doorbuster: $4.20/Unit – 4/20 Teaser: Buy 2 Get 1 = $10/Each @$30

Fun Uncle
4 new tasty flavors join Berry Gelato (#4 selling SKU in CA*) and the Cruisers Vape line. As Uncle Jack used to say, “There’s nothing like ramblin’ roads to destinations nowhere.” These convenient and reliable vapes will get you there, and then some. Available in 4 NEW best-selling strains, we have a rippin’ variety for every part of the adventure ahead. Oh, and these oil prices are no highway heist so you’ll never have to cut the trip short. Fun Uncle Cruisers 1g Vapes – Day of 4/20 Doorbuster: $4.20/Unit / 4/20 Teaser: Buy 2 Get 1 = $10/Each @$30. Fun Uncle Cruisers with Live Resin 1g Vapes – Day of 4/20 Doorbuster: $20/Unit

Heavy Hitters
420 Deal: Buy any Heavy Hitters product, get any pack of 5 gummies (20mg THC each), or a Diamond Infused 1g Pre-Roll for $1


420 Deal: Buy a Higher Edible, get a bag of 10mg Canna-Corn Nuts for a penny.

Juva Life
Just launched their first in-house branded product, Secret Sauce concentrates in 1 gram quantities, including flavors Watermelon Zkittles, a relaxing & euphoric hybrid with subtle hints of citrus, and Wedding Cake, a stress-busting & pain-relieving hybrid with soothing hints of warm pepper. Perfect gifts for 4/20 for cannabis connoisseurs to share with friends – just keep the secret and share with your most trusted crew!

Lift Tickets
420 Deal: Buy any Lift Tickets product, get a 1.5g Infused Pre-Roll (paper tip) for $1

Pacific Stone

420 Deal: All products will be up to 40% off on Grassdoor from 4/15 – 4/24.

For 420, Get $42 Off Your Perfect Purchase + Free Shipping with $142 Min Order. Promo Code PERFECT420 – 4/18-4/22. It’s a Perfect 420 Hump Day! Get a free sample of Sexpot, Perfect’s hottest new infused flower blend, at the Cannabis and Movies Club 420 event at the Historic Montalban Theater rooftop oasis in Hollywood. Doors Open @ 5pm, Movie starts @ 7pm. $25. Check Eventbrite for tickets.

420 Deal:
Buy any Surplus product, get a Surplus Vibe Pod Battery for $1

Yellow Dream Farm (GoodGood)
GoodGood is running a promotion called GoodGood Underground, where they are running a competition with artists to design the next GoodGood merchandise item (a white trucker hat), with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Last Prisoner Project. GoodGood will be running promotions and deals at retail stores, with discounts on items during the 4/20 season

Retail Events

Chronic Tacos

In honor of the holiday for people that crave the “chronic,” Chronic Tacos, California-inspired Taco Shop will be offering a buy one burrito or bowl-rito at regular price, get the second for $4.20 (offer excludes Fish, Shrimp, Steak, Surf & Turf burritos, Beyond Beef and Cali Burritos). Mexican food lovers will be left feeling full with delicious and fresh food for the Celebration of Munchies.

Fatburger & Wonderbrett: 4/20 collaboration in LA
Happening at the Wonderbrett dispensary in LA, Fatburger has teamed up with the cannabis brand for a 4/20 rollout of Wonderbrett’s Fatburger Strawberry Milkshake live resin cartridges, flower, and fruit chews. Additionally, Fatburger is offering a $4.20 meal deal on April 20 at all participating restaurant locations, and patrons at Wonderbrett will also receive free Wonderbrett OG Fatburgers with their “milkshake” cannabis purchases.


Juva Delivery
They will feature 420 deals with bundles from popular names like Almora, CRU, Grizzly Peak, Kanha, Kiva, Raw Garden, Stiiizy, Wyld, and more. These have already started rolling out and will continue through 4/20 while supplies last. Savings range from 20-40% off, and quantities/specific products included will vary by location.

Lyt Delivery

Starting from 4/13/22, get a raffle ticket for every $20 spent at Lyt Delivery. On 4/20, check their Instagram(@lyt_la) to watch the live raffle and its results. The winner will receive Ispire® Daab from Lyt Delivery that’ll be delivered to them on the desired day.

Official Launch of The Studio Lounge at The Artist Tree

Experience LA’s only cannabis consumption lounge. The Studio Lounge offers onsite consumption of over 700 cannabis products, art, live entertainment, yoga classes and more! We are currently taking reservations online for tables, starting April 15.

Sweet Flower (Pasadena)

420 Festivity Kick-Off: (Octavius Brand-Takeover) 9 am – 1 pm / “Endless Eighths” – Octavius-Masters of Buds is offering to the 1st (40) Sweet Flower customers who purchase Octavius 1/8 House Bag, they will receive an Octavius 1/8 House Bag for Free.

The Artist Tree

4/20 Storewide Sale at all Artist Tree Stores April 15-20. Stock up for 4/20 at our 6 DAY SALE. April 15 – 20: BOGO 50% Off Matching Items Storewide. 50% Off Tree flower. April 15-18: $15 Gift with $75 Purchase. April 19-20: $35 gift with $100 purchase; $85 Gift with $200 purchase.

Where’s Weed

Additionally, we’re hosting a Top Shelf 420 Giveaway which has nearly $5000 in Giveaway prizes from brands like Stundenglass, LEVO, Prism Waterpipes Stashlogix, and CBD Infusionz. The event is open now and runs until 4/20, winners are chosen on 4/21. More info can be found here.



AUXO’s newest product, the AUXO Cira Vaporizer, is the perfect 4/20 gift because it is a beautiful piece of art that you’ll love displaying at home and using with friends. With a sleek design and precision technology for experience-enhancing consumption, it is meticulously crafted with luxurious borosilicate glass and quartz. Beyond being gorgeous, it offers extremely accurate 10℉ control powered by AUXO Heating Wire Technology and great for sharing as Cira’s heating technology allows you to keep the fun going and extend vaping sessions by at least 15 seconds mid-cycle. Cira is available to purchase online and will soon be available in stores in the US.

Boundless Technology

They have slashed the prices of their most popular vaporizers and is offering 20% off sitewide with the code “420” through the rest of the month! Get that dry herb or concentrate vape that you’ve had your eye on for the best price of the year! Click here to shop the sale

CCELL (Listo)

Want to give a 4/20 vape that won’t break the bank? CCELL just launched a line of disposable vapes including SYLM, MOMENTO, and LISTO which are designed to be ultra-portable and discreet due to their size and feel, colorful and attractive, and extra-safe due to CCELL’s patented ceramic heating technology. No matter what your style is, CCELL has a vape to meet your needs and every vape is customizable. These products are available online and throughout the US in states where cannabis sales are legal.


Celebrate 4/20 with Cloudious9 with sales on some of our most popular products.  Our Ultra9 Bundle (Hydrology9 NX with flower and concentrate chamber, leather carrying case, Atomic9 flower vaporizer, and Tectonic9 auto dispensing grinder)is only $299, a 33% savings.  Our Combo9 (Tectonic9 + Atomic9) is only $79, a $40 savings.  And our popular flower vaporizer, the Atomic9, is only $49.


The Wand: The Wand combined with our borosilicate glass bangers create a safe and easy dabbing experience by eliminating the need for a torch and unsafe coils and atomizers found with other eNails. Simply select your perfect dabbing temperature, place the concentrate in one of our borosilicate glass bangers and take the perfect hit. The daab: daab™ provides the best dabbing experience you’ve ever had. It’s a sleek, induction heated handheld all-in-one rig that’s discreet & portable, for the perfect hit, every time, anywhere, at any temp!  30% off the whole site, all day from 4/20-4/22  

CBD & Hemp Products


Binoid is a brand known for having a large selection of trusted products using all the newest cannabinoids hemp has to offer. This includes Delta 8, THC-O, THCV, HHC-O, THC-P and more. We have over 15,000 five-star reviews, 24/7 email and chat customer service, as well as free and fast shipping on all orders. The offer is 25% off your order until 4/21 with the coupon code BINOID420. It can be used on all products in our store with no limitations. The largest discount they offer. Check out all of their products here.

Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia is starting their 4/20 celebrations early with a limited time offer. From now until midnight on 4/20 get 20% sitewide with code Dahlia420. Black Dahlia offers a carefully curated selection of CBD-infused products from lollipops to fragrances that balance specially-formulated nano CBD-rich, full-spectrum hemp oil with sophisticated flavor profiles and unmatched consistencies. Black Dahlia is committed to groundbreaking science, ethically-sourced botanicals and conscientious craftsmanship. Through innovative collaborations with leading scientists, artisans and makers, Black Dahlia creates inspired hemp-infused products that deliver quality, efficacy, and serenity. Direct website link to shop the 4/20 sale


They are hosting a sitewide sale in honor of CBD Awareness Day, a day coined by the brand to bring awareness and education to CBD. The sitewide sale can be found on, and includes a variety of their top quality, third-party tested CBD products. The sale is live now through Saturday, April 16th. Sale details include: 40% off CBDistillery products / 50% off of BOTA Skincare products on the CBDistillery website. Use code: CBDAWARENESS40

CBD Living

Premier CBD brand announces its biggest sale of the year for 4/20, offering 40% off sitewide on all CBD edibles, beverages, topicals, tinctures and pet products. From Saturday, April 16 through Thursday, April 21 at 11:59 p.m. PT, all retail customers will receive 40% off their orders when they enter code 420FUN at checkout. As always, all orders over $75 ship free throughout the U.S.

Cornbread Hemp

Cornbread Hemp offers full spectrum, Flower-Only™, USDA organic CBD products with up to 2mg THC per serving. California customers love this Kentucky company’s Organic Berry CBD Gummies because they are the only gummies in America with naturally occurring delta-9 THC to be USDA certified organic. For the 4/20 holiday, get 25% off any order over $99 with code 420. This deal is valid until the end of the month — through 4/30. And Cornbread Hemp always offers free shipping for orders over $75.  Click here for the deal.


To celebrate 420, is offering  42% off on’s line of products on April 20,2021. Use promo code 420SALE at checkout. Valid only on’s website. This code is not valid to purchase other brands sold on the site like Chief Stix, Gashouse, etc.

Neno’s Naturals CBD

They will be offering 42% off sitewide on 4/20. Neno’s Naturals is a unique CBD company dedicated to providing safe and personalized products to all. From soothing aches and pans to promoting calm and relaxation, Neno’s Naturals CBD products are the multi-tasking stars of your medicine cabinet. Neno’s Naturals is available nationwide online and in store at all Exclusive Brands locations in Michigan.

NuLeaf Naturals

One of America’s top pioneering hemp companies – and the Spring Sale happening now. From now until April 25, NuLeaf Naturals is offering 30% off sitewide with the promo code SPRING30. Customers can save an additional 20% on products added to the Wellness Club subscription at the time of purchase. NuLeaf Naturals is one of America’s top pioneering cannabinoid companies and has been committed to creating the world’s highest quality cannabinoid products in their most pure and potent form. Stock up on wellness products for yourself and your loved ones (including pets), between now and the 25th.

OoYes! CBD Lube

20% off with code oOYes20OoYes! CBD is a female founded ‘cannagasmic’ formulations company featuring sex positive lubes, massage oils and products.

Sunsoil CBD

$6 Vegan Capsules – High quality, certified organic hemp, farmed and extracted in Vermont. Sunsoil’s extraction process uses coconut pressed oil [think French pressed coffee] to extract the CBD compounds from the hemp leaf. Sunsoil is sustainable, forward-thinking and the 4th largest selling CBD company in the US. Deal lasts from April 18-24.

Tree Rolls

Celebrate this 420 with the finest quality hemp flower pre-rolls available, and plant some trees while doing it! Mix-and-match 4 pre-rolls for just $20 now through April 22. Discount is applied automatically at checkout. Click here for more details.


Cannabis for Creatives: How 32 Artists Enhance and Sustain Inspiration

[$25; Rocky Nook; January 2022], photographer and cannabis advocate Jordana Wright details what you need to know to take full advantage of cannabis’s potential in your creative work. For this book, Wright sat down to interview more than 30 artists, including photographers, sculptors, painters, writers, musicians, and chefs, and learn how these artists have used cannabis in their work—including what strains work best for them—and how it has helped them become more creative, increase their artistic output, and have creative breakthroughs. The book also features a series of creative prompts that you can use as you explore your own creative work and processes, with or without cannabis. Only on 4/20 all books from Rocky Nook, including Cannabis for Creatives, will be 42% off with code RN420 at

Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out

[$15.95; Ulysses Press; December 2020] by Danielle Simone Brand is the first and only book for these mothers, celebrating how weed can be a safe and healthy way to relax, destress, and improve their social lives and relationships. Packed with information for both the seasoned and first-time user, this book offers friendly and practical advice including the basics of THC and CBD; what to look for at the dispensary; tips and tricks for various intake methods; micro-dosing; cannabis-friendly talking points for family and friends; how to use cannabis to improve your romantic relationships and much more! Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Coloring Book – [$14.95; Ulysses Press: April 2019].

Wiz Khalifa Coloring Book

Yup, Wiz Khalifa officially has a coloring book and it is legitimately LIT. To be the greatest, you gotta learn from the greatest. In the post-prohibition green frontier, elevated entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa shows you how to plant, grow, and harvest the finest herb on earth with his mobile game Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm. Follow in Wiz Khalifa’s footsteps as you color your own empire from the ground up.


Old Pal

Grow Your Own plants will be available in California at select dispensaries. Additionally, participating cultivators of Old Pal Shareable Cannabis in MA, OH, PA and CA will sample their plants to be used to make Old Pal music stems generated by the PlantWave devices. Anyone curious to hear Old Pal cannabis sounds from various strains across the US can Text ‘420420’


10% off Kits – Indoor growing system featuring 7 different kits, perfect for beginner to advanced grower. National 2-day shipping included with purchase along with all supplies: soil, tents, lights and 24-hour customer support. Use the code Spring10. Here’s the popular Complete Grow Tent Kit: Amazon

Smoking Accessories


Hemper is providing the loyal customers and newcomers a special offer to help celebrate the day. If cannabis will be top of mind for the avid smoker on 4/20, then all the essentials will be needed to create a successful day. Best known for its subscription boxes, which provides custom boxes to include all the items needed for a great session, going on from now until Wednesday, April 20, Hemper is providing a B.O.G.O. to all of their past subscription boxes. It is as easy as clicking here which provides more than 50 past box options, choose the two desired boxes and check out. Lean Green Wizard – If you struggle to roll your own, this product is for you!

The Lean Green Wizard

The Lean Green Wizard is an all-in-one cone-filling kit so easy to use it’s practically magic. This lean, mean cone-filling machine fits both 1¼” or king-size cones. The kit comes with a removable loading tray and premium 4-piece grinder. Pack perfect, even-burning pre-rolled cones every time with a wave of the wand. Order LGW kits on Lean Green Wizard w/ FREE SHIPPING for a limited time or enter for a chance to WIN one on 420.

Pottery With A Purpose

“Nothing better than zoning out and getting in touch with your creative side while having all the homies participate. Puff, Pass, and craft your very own Chillum/One Hitter you can be proud of. Pottery With a Purpose gives you everything you need to design, sculpt + decorate. Step-by-step instructions, carving tools, ceramic clay, vegan paint brush with bamboo handle, 3 underglazes of your choice + plantable wildflower seed coaster included. Use the code 420 at checkout for 20% off the deluxe ceramic clay kit.”


Sesh is offering a variety of discounts from FREE PRODUCTS all the way to FREE SHIPPING!! If you spend $60.00 at you will receive a FREE 3 Chamber Sesh Grinder with the color of your choosing! Just place the grinder in your cart along with your other items, and enter the code: FGRND. If you spend $80.00 at you will receive a FREE Sesh Flower Tower just place the flower tower of your choosing along with your other items, and enter the code: FTGRND. And let us not forget the FREE shipping on orders over $40!!

Wiff Sniff Blocker

Is a scent-free odor neutralizer spray that leaves no scent behind.  We are the first of its kind to develop technology that eliminates odors. Wiff Sniff Blocker is a go-anywhere, travel-safe deodorizer which effectively eliminates unpleasant smells in the car, at work, in bathrooms, or on your clothing. Neutralizes tobacco and marijuana smoke, food odors, and more. Get Your Bottle Now Use Code WSB420 to save 50%


Ganja Vacations

In celebration of the 4/20 holiday, GanjaVacations is offering a 15% discount on all bookings through April 30. To take advantage of this discount, go to the GanjaVacations Deals Page and search among the more than 150 exclusive Jamaican ganja vacation packages available there. Choose the one you like best and use coupon code 42022 at checkout.


Custom Cones USA

Custom Cones USA is offering commercial grade pre-roll equipment for a 420 Discount! Offering a Free setup fee ($200 OFF) for cones and packaging and major discounts for grinders and sifters! On April 20th we will be offering: $100 OFF  Industrial Cannabis Grinder / $100 OFF   Commercial Sifter / $50 OFF  Mini Sifter / No Setup Fee ($200 OFF) Custom Branded Cones / No Setup Fee ($200 OFF) Custom Branded Packaging / No Setup Fee ($200 OFF) Custom Branded Rolling Paper Booklets

The Packaging Company

Ready to supercharge your packaging with higher perceived value? Check out The Packaging Company’s line of Sativa Power CR Packaging. Browse the most diverse and innovative line up in cannabis packaging, from the highest quality tins to lip balms, airless bottles, jars and much more. Fully customizable, ASTM certified, eco-friendly and recyclable, our packaging is as good for the environment as it is for your brand.We are design and manufacturing experts with over 25 years experience in packaging for cosmetic, skincare, medical and cannabis. Contact us today and use code: FREE420 in your email to request a FREE sample pack and packaging consultation with COO. Michael Salemi. Get started on your next custom project today.

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