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Los Angeles and Industrial Hemp

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  Ellen Nikki Wirth Lambert, @EllenLambertNCC,                                                                      April 20, 2018

Cannabis Hemp is growing in the cannabis scene all over the country. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a highly sought after cannabinoid with research proving it’s regeneration properties. Los Angeles has a few great places to learn about and obtain cannabidiol as it should be embraced. There are several high content CBD strains that are proving to be effective for medicinal and supplemental maintenance to the human mammalian body. CBD Activates the TRPV-1 receptor that allows the cannabinoid to regulate body temperature, pain, and perception. Next inhibits the FAAH enzyme, one of the compounds that triggers the CB1 receptor, thus allowing CBD to minimize the amount of CB1 by THC almost eliminating the psychoactive effects. CBD also activates the adenosine receptors of the brain which can relieve anxiety and inflammation. The adenosine receptors also help to release dopamine and glutamate, both neurotransmitters. Dopamine playing roles in motor control, motivation and reward mechanisms while glutamine helps in memory, learning, and cognition. This one cannabinoid, CBD, has made a whole industry around itself alone, clearly deserved. Yet CBD, is but one industry that Los Angeles is currently taking advantage of out of several.

Hemp Fiber is being embraced by a few retailers in Los Angeles. Hemp as clothing is becoming ideal, however the cost of the fabric in the past, due to importation was so costly it was not feasible for mass production. It was reported in 2016 that a company was setting out to acquire 49% of Los Angeles County to cultivate cannabis hemp. However this land mass does not seem big enough to supply the demands of Los Angeles. Retailers are looking to other states to cultivate the mass amount of cannabis hemp need to be decorticated to produce the durable fibers.

Hemp fuel has been embraced in Los Angeles as a great source of heat. However, we could be fueling our automobiles with a clean bio-diesel. The car emissions in Los Angeles are above the 50% national average, with the wildfires of last year Los Angeles’ air quality must be taken in consideration. Hemp fuel is 95% percent cleaner than fossil fuel with ZERO CO2 emissions.  

Hemp plastic is both recyclable and biodegradable. Hemp plastics can be produced affordably as a bio based natural fiber composite showing properties of stiffness and high heat tolerance. One wonderful property of hemp plastic is that it can be produced to a grade that is flame retardant.  Hemp herds are 85% cellulose. The basic building block of all plastics is cellulose from petroleum, which is a toxic petrochemical. Hemp hurds can also be processed into cellophane packing material, showing how versatile the hemp hurds are in production of cellulose based materials. Not to mention that these materials are being produced from a constant renewable resource and are all completely natural leaving very little carbon footprint.

Hemp Construction Materials are very useful. A whole wonderful subdivision has been created with hempcrete in Los Angeles. Efforts for this neighborhood began in 2014. Hemp insulation allows a building to stand longer by allowing air flow through the fibers. Air being able to flow freely will not aid in mold, rot, or mildew. The hemp insulation also allows for more thermoregulation than traditional insulation methods. Hempcrete is a biocomposite made of the “Shiv” or woody core of the cannabis hemp plant. The Shiv has a very high silica content which allows it bind great with lime, producing a light cementitious insulating material that is around an eighth of the weight of traditional concrete, so light it actually floats when blocks are placed in a bucket of water. Just as with hemp insulation hempcrete can be produced to a standard that is also flame retardant. Within in the city of Los Angeles this could be a wonderful answer breathing problems as the hemp naturally cleans carbon, making the air within a hemp insulated room practically EPA approved.

Hemp is a superfood. Hemp seeds eaten alone provide a wonderful balance of omega 3 through omega 6. All the while containing iron, vitamin E, and every amino acid. One can also produce flour and protein powder from cannabis hemp. You can bake and bolster from smoothie to salad. Hemp is like the soybean but much better for your health in many ways. Most anything that can be done with soy can be done with hemp.

It is clear to see that hemp can allow for several industries and aid other industries to thrive. With the recent changes in California law there is no reason for Los Angeles to fear, for hemp is here!

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