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Mad Mind Studios Launches CBD Marketing Strategies For Businesses

Mad Mind Studios is a Los Angeles based creative agency that works with both small and large businesses across a variety of industries. The CBD and hemp industry is recently becoming more and more popular as people continue to learn about the health benefits.

As a new market, there are many brands trying to set themselves apart from competitors. Mad Mind Studios specializes in finding a brand’s distinct voice and incorporating it into marketing campaigns, logo, packaging, and web design. Omid Mousaei, CEO of Mad Mind Studios, focuses on finding customized solutions for each client.

“It’s exciting to work with brands in an emerging industry because our agency gets to help them grow and find their space in the market,” said Mousaei.

Kickback CBD Cold Brew is one of Mad Mind Studios’ long-term partners in the CBD and hemp industry. The creative agency helped Kickback refine their brand image to reflect the natural ingredients and health benefits of the products. Their marketing strategy highlights the calming and stress-relieving effects of CBD, which eliminate the jitters that come with a normal caffeine boost.

In addition to branding, Mad Mind Studios offers packaging and logo design for CBD and hemp businesses. They design labels for a variety of products including hemp cosmetics, CBD food and beverages, vape merchandise, and more. Mad Mind Studios works with you to create the best visuals for your business, whether you need a brand new logo from scratch or a simple redesign to update your brand.

Mad Mind Studios has experience creating intuitive and sleek websites that engage with consumers to drive sales. They can seamlessly link your Shopify account and other features to your website to make it the most easy-to-use for customers. Based on your specific needs, client base, target audience, and goals, MMS will build a website tailored to your brand.

“We put an emphasis on individualizing marketing strategy for each brand, because one-size does not fit all when you are trying to successfully grow your business with lasting results,” said Mousaei.

About Mad Mind Studios

Mad Mind Studios is a Los Angeles digital marketing, branding and web design agency that helps small, medium and large businesses achieve higher growth.

Published: May 10, 2018

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