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Make this Green Wednesday LIT with Forbidden Flowers

Are you planning to get LIT on Green Wednesday next week?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and whether you’re planning to load up your plate in an attempt to cure your hangover, or gearing up for another family showdown, Green Wednesday might be your golden ticket to surviving the day and Forbidden Flowers has your back!

Also, this week, Bella Throne’s Forbidden Flowers  launched their new Zone In strand. Designed for calm, creativity, focused energy, and patience; this strand joins the lineup of unreal strands in the collection.

Green Wednesday

Celebrate the Wednesday before the holiday weekend, Green Wednesday encourages consumers to visit their local dispensaries to get into the holiday spirit. Visiting home for the first time in a while and experiencing more anxiety than usual? Check out your local dispensary to see how they can help! Guests coming into town? Find the perfect welcoming gift to get the party started!

Product Offerings: 

  • Available in: 1/8th flower, single pre roll, 5 pack of pre roll

Forbidden Flowers Products

NEW! INDICA: Lowkey lazy (Zone In)

  • This Indica dominant strain wraps your body and mind in a blanket of delightful, cozy, focused relaxation. Perfect for calming the mind and body without the drowsy side effects – this is the best for finding your flow and getting creative, working, gaming, or meditating. These herbal, diesel-forward nugs are ideal for getting “in the zone.”

INDICA: Midnight Thorneberry (Chill Out)

  • This strain was created specifically for Bella, who struggles with anxiety. This wonderfully heavy indica with delicious fruity notes has calming relief and is perfect to smoke when you’re looking to have a relaxing night in.

HYBRID: Rosé Lemonade (Turn On)

  • A heavy indica leaning hybrid, this strain has anxiety reducing effects, while also being one of the more delicious strains out there.  Filled with rose and deep citrus notes, this light and airy nose give you the perfect body high, with muscles tingles, pleasant euphoria, and a very warm feeling. This strain is perfect for creativity and mental health blocks.

SATIVA : Cosmic Wolf (Hype Up)

  • This Sativa strain is sure to have thought stimulating effects. Cosmic Wolf offers cerebral euphoria and is perfect to smoke at parties when conversation is flowing.

For more information about the brand, visit

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