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Mammoth Munchies and Lit Yoga: A Stoner’s Delight in L.A.

Creative minds in Los Angeles have dreamed up immersive experiences that any cannabis fan will love.

One is a blend of healthful activity, political action, commerce, and trippy highs, while the other is equally mind-bending as it artfully acknowledges our weak dieting willpower — and brings the munchies to life.

At Cheat Day Land, an Instagram-tailored pop-up “museum” dedicated to diet-busting food, visitors can feast their eyes on oversized gigantic pizzas, doughnuts and hamburgers and insert themselves in a cartoony tableau of selfie-ready backdrops.

Located in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, the installation is not only a tour through  favorite cheat-day foods, but it’s also a fantasy munchie paradise.

A few blocks away in an out-of-the-way L.A. warehouse, DankGals staged a Halloween-themed “Flow In the Dark” Yoga event on Oct. 28, 2018, that put a new twist on elevated yoga.

Experienced all in one day, the events showed the range of immersive experiences tailor-made for cannabis fans.

Control yourself when you enter the chocoholic room at the Cheat Day Land, a temporary, Instagram-friendly museum installation in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District. (Photo by Suzy Nguyen)

Cheat Day Land is made up of 17 cheat-meal-themed rooms where, unlike traditional museums, touching the artwork is encouraged. A tour guide leads each group of up to 20 people through foil fringed curtains into each exhibit.

Passing through the “Gates to Heaven,” you’ll see a fast-food combo of a cheeseburger, fries and a drink that features a spongy hamburger bun “stage,” perfect for picture posing. Capture a quick Boomerang to animate yourself dangling from a French fry or taking a sip from the giant straw.

If you’re a fan of the benefit of plants, the chocoholic room may absolve you of guilt for indulging in chocolate — or other pleasurable, plant-based substances. Carpeted in hot-pink fake fur, the room is plastered with inspirational messages that extoll the wonders of chocolate.

A few steps away is the Alphabet Delight room, where guests can dive into a super-sized cereal bowl and pose with the foam alphabet bites and spell out funny words or suspend from the giant spoon for a playful picture.

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Published: October 31, 2018

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