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Man facing jail in dubai for consuming marijuana before entering the country begs for help

A man who was detained in Dubai when traces of marijuana were found in his system after consuming it legally at home has begged for help.

Peter Clark, 51, from Las Vegas, has been held in Dubai for almost two months after a routine test in hospital found trace elements of hashish – they can be present in the body for up to two months after consumption.

Radha Stirling, from civil and criminal justice organisation Detained in Dubai, is representing Mr Clark. She says he is ‘struggling’ and has called on the US government to take action.

Stirling said: “Peter was called by the police several times and asked to attend in person but seemingly, it was only to arrange a Covid test for him. It has been a rollercoaster ride for Peter who has been told false information from the beginning.”

She added: “Peter Clark, has been held in Dubai for almost two months. He’s struggling. Being detained in a foreign country that you had only planned to stay for a few days, is daunting and it’s costly. Peter was there to look at investment opportunities.

“He doesn’t know anyone there and is stuck on his own in a hotel room while awaiting his fate.

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Published: April 16, 2021

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