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Marge and Homer Face Off on Pot in New ‘Simpsons’ Episode

Otto to Homer: “I miss the old days buying pot was… scuzzy.”

It’s been a while since The Simpsons, now in Season 31, weighed in on the state of marijuana. But with pot now legal in Illinois, the show, set in Springfield, was inspired to build the latest episode (“Highway to Well”) around that. Watch the episode here.


Marge gets a job at Mike Tyson’s “cannabis boutique” and “healing emporium” Good + Well. When school bus driver Otto can’t score a bag of schwaggy weed there, he complains to Homer and bartender Mo, who decide to open a weed lounge in a separate room at the back of Duff’s bar. Tyson doesn’t like the competition and tells Marge that she “cannot continue to work at this company while your husband is taking pot back to the dark ages of 2018,” unless she agrees to narc on him. Marge joins a Health Department stakeout and gives Homer a container of infused cheese balls. Once Krusty eats one, they barge in. “You’re coming with us, scumbag,” the cop tells Homer. “You’ll pay a $25 fine.”

Lisa: “I guess there’s nothing wrong with it. Cannabis is legal in this state.”

At the launch party for Tyson’s posh resort The Drederick, Marge and Homer make up. As they cuddle on a bench on the deck after Marge tries a tincture, Homer decides to smoke one of her “futuristic joints” – i.e. a vape pen. “That’s not a doobie,” she yells as Homer lights it up. The pen catches fire, Homer drops it and sparks fly all over, eventually hitting the huge CBD oil tank (marked Anti-Inflammatory and Highly Flammable) and then the house. Everything goes up in smoke, so to speak, with Willie Nelson running out exclaiming. “Hemp oil burns like paper!” As a result of the fire, Springfield once again bans the sale of marijuana.

The oil explosion acts as metaphor for the recent vape scare that resulted in 68 deaths. With the show based in the Los Angeles area, the writers clearly have their hands on the pulse of the industry. The conflict between elitist entrepreneurism and just going to “your old-school weed connection” is clearly drawn. It seems that schism will be not resolved anytime soon.

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Published: March 23, 2020

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