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Marijuana legalization yields a fresh strain of stoner comedy

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, January 20, 2021 / — 2020 Best of Los Angeles Award-winning animator and actor Ralph Michael Brekan has collaborated with FlowTV Jamaica to broadcast his new adult animation TV series, “The High Life”, on the Flow1 cable TV channel later this month and available on Jamaica Flow!

“The High Life ” is set to air weekly on C&W Communications’ newly relaunched FlowTV channel 1, which distributes 24 hours of entertainment content to Jamaica and the Caribbean islands. Keeping in tune with the theme of Jamaica, Brekan’s new stoner comedy follows the adventures of “Stevie Stoner.” Stevie is the lead singer of the reggae band, the Supatoonz, and lives the high life, 24 hours a day seven days a week. For Stevie, it’s 4:20 forever. Brekan, an emerging television actor with appearances on NCIS, Westworld, and Baskets, plays the lead character, Stevie Stoner.

“I co-created the show with my wife and studio partner Theresa Brekan”, states Brekan. The Brekan’s own and operate Artorama Studios, a boutique animation studio focused on limited 2D cartoon animation. When it came to casting, both Brekan and his wife saw the importance of inclusiveness and cast Jamaican voice actors Brent Onenuh and Damion Graham to play the roles of fictional reggae musicians “Rasta Ron” and “Reggae Mon”. Both actors debut on national television in this unique animated stoner comedy full of rasta culture, reggae music and marijuana humor.

Make sure to check out the award-winning animation and marijuana humor of Artorama Studio’s, “The High Life” this Spring, 2021 on FlowTV Channel 1 and Flow Mobile in Jamaica and the Caribbean islands. The High Life is also available on The Social Club TV app on these streaming devices: Pluto TV / Viacom, Amazon Prime, ish/sling (vod and linear), The Roku channel – pitch + aggregator, IMDB TV, AppleTV+, Tubi, TVOD Vimeo EST, Google Play, iTunes- push, Xumo, Overdrive, Hoopla, Kanopy, Comcast, Indemand, Vizio, Samsung +, Android TV, and via the SocialClubTV app.

Viewers can also stream episodes of ‘The High Life’ ad-free at:

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