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Meet Bend And Blaze: A Cannabis-Infused Yoga Class You Need To Take

Eliza Maroney aka The Cannabis Yogi.RACHEL VALLEY/ THE CANNABIS YOGI

​​“Don’t get high, get lifted” encourages Eliza Maroney aka The Cannabis Yogi. At 27 years old, the intrepid entrepreneur founded Lucky Box Club in April 2017. It is a monthly subscription service that offers premium luxury cannabis products via a subscription program. Its philosophy is founded upon “offering clients customized solutions for both medical and recreational use”, whose bespoke parcel is delivered straight to your door. In a desire to further intertwine her passion for holistic plant medicine, yoga values, and educational objectives regarding marijuana, as of summer 2018, Maroney has begun introducing monthly cannabis-infused yoga classes in San FranciscoSacramento, and pop-ups in Los Angeles (with an aim to transition into regular monthly classes).

For Maroney, her initiatives all stem from promoting beautification of the self from the inside out. “Pain is not beautiful. What I hope to do is offer spiritual and emotional relief from suffering. These two projects stemmed from my own personal journey and struggles with anxiety and depression. Once healed, I wanted to share my insights and knowledge.” And Lucky Box Club was the beginning. The self-described cultivator explains: “There are so many products out there on the market to wade through (over 850 and growing); my job is to do the homework and vet items so you only receive superior ones that are made with integrity and pure ingredients.” Maroney adds that her suppliers are primarily local artisans who she is proud to support and shine a spotlight on.

Cannabis yoga pop-up class in Los Angeles led by Eliza MaroneyCHASE MARKHAM OF FORAGE MEDIA HOUSE

Lucky Box Club products are now being coupled with yoga and taking the user experience to the next level. Admittedly, Maroney cites that the yoga flow itself is, at first, a bit of an afterthought. What really piques the interest of those who’ve signed up (especially newbies) is the opportunity for them to learn more about products and differences between ones with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol – the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis) and CBD (Cannabidiol – milder and “safer”, a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent in cannabis). And she adds that extracts have analgesic effects (similar to painkillers such as Advil and Tylenol); salvation can be plentiful but ultimately depends on dosage amount and chemical interactions each person has with the drug. But Maroney says that inherently, relief from soreness/aches, emotional trauma, and mental health issues as severe as PTSD can be attained. The foundation to Bend and Blaze is about facilitating open-mindedness and offering a judgement-free and safe space for questions and answers.

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Published: August 23, 2018

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