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Meet Jessie Casner, the CMO at Flora Growth Corp. changing how we think about cannabis marketing

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

My name is Jessie Casner and I’m Chief Marketing Officer of Flora Growth Corp. I’m Southern California based and have over a decade of proven experience in omnichannel marketing and storytelling. Before joining the Flora Growth team, I actually operated my own agency where I developed and executed bespoke go-to-market strategies for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. As an early team member of The Active Network (pre-IPO and acquisition), MOGL (now Figg, during series A + B funding), 2XU, and Total Gym, I’ve brought in quite a strong knowledge and background in rapid growth, narrative building, and customer acquisition. As CMO of Flora Growth, I’m responsible for crafting the company’s brand awareness activities in both the consumer and investor markets, keeping in mind of course that our people and our customers are at the core of our narrative. 

Can you tell us a bit more about Flora Growth and what you’ve been doing? 

Flora Growth Corp., which is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the ticker FLGC, has secured a number of exciting partnerships since listing in 2021. Completing an IPO, especially as the first-ever direct Nasdaq listing for an all outdoor organic plant-touching company (one without the use of a SPAC, reverse merger or a dual listing), is a long process for which we’re incredibly proud of the team for executing. 2021 was Flora’s first full year as a revenue-generating company, and in 2022 so far we’ve accelerated revenues and gained market share in the global cannabis market. Flora’s mission following our successful IPO is to build a design-led collective of plant-based wellness and lifestyle brands that delivers the most compelling customer experiences in the world, one community at a time.

In the last year, we’ve successfully completed the acquisitions of leading US-based JustCBD, a category leading wellness brand and cannabis accessories brand Vessel, increasing our US foothold and truly strengthening our global expansion strategy. 

Tell me about some of your company’s most recent accomplishments? 

Vessel Brand, one of Flora’s more recent cannabis accessories acquisitions, and where Jessie joined the Flora Team, has provided the organization with our first meaningful foothold with revenue in the US. To continue that momentum, our acquisition of JustBrands has allowed us to solidify that foothold in the states, with the brand being one of the final 5 companies being evaluated for Amazon’s trial pilot program in both the US and UK and potential sponsor of the World Cup. In the food and beverage space, Flora recently partnered with Tonino Lamborghini to create CBD-based coffee products with focuses on the United States and Colombia. Our distribution partnerships have also grown in the last year, positioning us to distribute our derivatives and brand products globally in countries including Israel, Mexico, Spain and more. 

How has Flora impacted the global cannabis industry for the better? 

Flora has built a truly impressive international infrastructure in countries like Colombia, Israel and the EU – and we’re taking what our US-based house of brands have done in North America and are working to expand that into the international market.

Flora has the largest cultivation site licensed by the government of Colombia, and recently announced that the team at its Cosechemos, Colombia, facility produced its first batch of crude oil, thereby initiating the process of becoming EU-GMP certified.

The Cosechemos facility will serve as Flora’s primary processing hub, facilitating the drying and processing of Flora’s all-outdoor flower into finished, packaged dried flower and extracted material for domestic production and export to wholesale cannabis markets. 

Under a historic, sweeping new law signed by Colombia’s president opening up the export of dried cannabis flower, Flora has begun the process of exporting cannabis derivatives from its Cosechemos facility across the globe, starting with first-ever exports to countries in the EU and Asia. Flora also impacted the cannabis industry with its strategic partnership with Hoshi International, which offered the company a foothold into the EU in Portugal and Malta, Malta.

What is your Most Important 5 year company goal? 

In 5 years, we see Flora Growth continuing to position ourselves as a major global player in the cannabis industry. Our North American expansion plan is underway with our recent M&A activity partnering with Just Brands, Vessel and Tonino Lamborghini. These brands will consist of 90% of Flora’s revenue in the United States. 

We’re looking to enter markets by leveraging our existing human capital to deploy and recreate our success from Colombia in the United States. We also look forward to strengthening our competitive distribution network with our existing cultivation infrastructure. We’re ready today to be in every market and we intend to bring our low cost products to those markets while being opportunistic as new markets open up – one community at a time. Our goal is to dominate the global market for cannabis derivatives leveraging our low-cost global distribution network that we’ve built and our human capital network. 

How can people get in touch with you?

You can visit our website at to keep up to date with all of our activity in this exciting space! I’m also always open to connecting on LinkedIn for those that have any questions!

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