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Mike Tyson smokes a joint in his chauffeured car after dinner at celebrity restaurant Craig’s in Hollywood

Weed farmer Tyson took a drag as he was driven home from his night on the townCredit: BackGrid

And he was seen taking a monster puff on a joint after leaving popular hangout Craig’s in LA on Wednesday night.

Dressed head-to-toe in black, Tyson grinned as he strolled out of the restaurant and to his car.

After hopping in, Tyson lit up his joint and could be seen through a cloud of smoke.

The former boxer – who also had a cameo in Hollywood hit The Hangover, as well as The Hangover II – has never been shy of flaunting his love of weed.

Tyson opened up a 40-acre ranch 100 miles north of Los Angeles, not far from Death Valley, to launch his company Tyson Holistic Holdings in 2016.

Around 20 acres of the land is dedicated purely to growing marijuana, with Tyson having big plans to open a factory on the premises that will make edibles.

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Published: March 05, 2020

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