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Mila Kunis’ ‘Marijuana Kittens’ sold as NFT and sold out in just 35 minutes

Mila Kunis leads the project ‘Stoner Cats’ , an animated series for adults that deals with the story of five cats who by using medical marijuana , by accident, become more sensitive. To Viewing this cartoon requires owning one of the 10,420 Non-Fungible Tokens ( NFTs ) that were auctioned on July 27. However, the pressure to access the show caused chaos to unleash that same day on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

What happened at the auction?

NFTs are unique assets that cannot be modified or exchanged for anything , they can represent any digital object, they have such a great market value that they can be used as deed or property rights. It was an auction that attracted the attention of a large number of people, so much so that in just 35 minutes the more than ten thousand kittens were sold, raising 8.3 million dollars .

While this was happening, the Ethereum Blockchain network was so crowded that the transaction fees of the blockchain increased between 200 and 709 Gwei , that is, from 9.50 to 35 dollars depending on the speed of the action. This caused several users to lose large amounts of money , around $ 792,600, and to run out of subscription.

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Published: August 03, 2021

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