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My Green Network (MyGN) Offers Entrepreneurs an Easy Way to Make Their Cannabis Dreams a Legal Reality

Entrepreneurs are turning to MyGN to transform their “green” ideas into reality with less time, money, and headache 

SANTA ANA, Calif. (March 5th, 2020): My Green Network (MyGN) is set to open the first membership-based, entrepreneur-focused collaborative cannabis facility in July 2020 in Orange County, CA. Founded by internationally recognized attorneys Ken Hwang and James Shih, along with visionary brand strategist Maria Cordeiro, MyGN aims to make a lasting impression on the cannabis industry with their unique, shared space platform designed to foster the green community, empower entrepreneurs to create products in the space, and fuel innovation. Following 6 years of development and millions spent on CA and Colorado cannabis licensing, MyGN levels the playing field for creative business-builders looking to transform ideas into reality, free from unfair legal and cost barriers.

“Anyone can be the next Budweiser, Nestle, or Coca-Cola of cannabis,” explains company Co-Founder James Shih. “Yet every day, promising entrepreneurs fail because they lack a trustworthy network, industry experience, or money for licensure and fees. With My Green Network by your side, anyone can benefit from our in-depth knowledge, connections, and compliance measures to create a stand-out product.”

My Green Network (MyGN) reduces up to 90% of start-up costs by addressing six main barriers currently facing cannabis entrepreneurs: money, compliance, property, time, experience, and legal uncertainty. Hwang and Shih spent 16 months and over $1.5m to establish MyGN, working with 11 different compliance entities and surveying 43 properties. “Entrepreneurs know that starting a brand or creating a product is like exploring a dark jungle, and doing it within the CBD or cannabis field can feel like a jungle filled with predators, disasters, and risks around every corner. We have cleared a path through the jungle for ‘green’ entrepreneurs and will support you every step of the way,” says Shih.

At MyGN, entrepreneurs “get to do all the fun stuff without any of the headache” thanks to a fully compliant cannabis facility that serves as a workspace, an extensive network of cultivators and manufacturing partners, and the essential elements of guidance and supervision from industry experts. More than just a “white labeling” service, MyGN empowers business owners to remain fully independent, maintaining their own cannabis license along with branding and marketing control. Plus, they eliminate nearly all of the risk and uncertainty associated with a traditional cannabis operation by offering a generous license- and money-back guarantee.

The first shared space opens in July 2020 in Santa Ana, Orange County – an epicenter of cannabis innovation. MyGN offers both direct access to the most profitable cannabis markets and exciting lifestyle options. Due to state regulations, spaces are currently limited to 30 businesses, so now is the time to join MyGN and “go green the way you want.” Simply choose from four customizable membership types, complete an onboarding call, and start creating your very own CBD or cannabis line. Visit to learn more and to get in on the “green rush” the right way!

About My Green Network:

Founded by internationally recognized attorneys Ken Hwang and James Shih, and visionary Maria Cordeiro, My Green Network (MyGN) is California’s premier membership-based space intuitively designed for cannabis entrepreneurs. Leveraging the power of community-based collaboration to revolutionize an infamously complex industry, this “cloud-kitchen meets cannabis incubator” accelerates the journey from idea to entrepreneurship. At MyGN, membership provides exclusive access to essential elements of a successful venture: a compliant cannabis facility, an extensive network of cultivators and manufacturing partners, guidance and supervision from industry experts, licenses, legal advice and much more. Begin transforming your dream into a very real future at Follow @OfficialGreenNetwork on Instagram to connect with leaders that are empowering our community.

Published: March 05, 2020

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