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NCIA Anaheim

By: R.W. Navis, Contributing Writer

“I ran out of business cards the first day”. That is what more than one Exhibitor told me at the recent California Cannabis Business Conference in Anaheim. The traffic flow on Day 1 was what conference operators dream of with 5-10 people in front of every booth and crowded isles. Not surprising for the folks at the National Cannabis Industry Association [ NCIA] who followed their very successful San Jose event this summer with another winner here in Anaheim.

The Attendees

A friend asked me “What do stoners wear to a business conference?”. Just about the same thing that all serious businessmen and women wear with a mix between suits and business casual. The Cannabis Industry has come a long way in the last 3-4 years and the crowd seems to no different than that of any business convention. The only real difference is that cannabis is universally accepted by this group and just may be the cash cow to support their careers.

Informative presentations and panels discussions were held right next to each of the two exhibit halls. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Singer Melissa Etheridge and Harborside’s Steve DeAngelo were among the celebrities presenting. “California Cannabis Czar”” Lori Ajax also updated attendees.

The Exhibitors

There were two Exhibit halls in Anaheim and both were packed. One side seem to cater to the large and very technical extraction and processing equipment. Eden Labs is one of the best- known names on this side of the business and they had a full team on hand including top company brass. This Seattle based company is an internationally known and respected extraction technology company that has specialized in supercritical co2 and ethanol systems for 24 years.

Eden Labs CEO, AC Braddock, is one of the leading female executives in the cannabis industry and is also Chair of the NCIA. AC is an example of the professionalism found at top companies in the cannabis industry today and Eden Labs in one of the top 10 fastest growing women led companies in the Seattle area. She has supervised 100% year over year revenue growth since 2010 shortly after coming on board.

The Lobby Bar

Every successful conference has a large a thriving bar scene close by. After a crowded and exhilarating day at your booth the lobby bar seems like a good place to relax. The Anaheim Hilton which was the venue for NCIA Anaheim had a spacious lobby bar which flowed into very comfortable sitting areas on each side.

This area was busy all day long as conference attendees used it for catch up work on their laptops. Lunchtime was also busy here, but the real action heated up around 4pm. Business discussions carried on all evening right up till closing.

NCIA goes to Boston

Next up for NCIA is the Seed to Sale Show in Boston February 12-13. The east coast market is heating up with many ambitious cannabis developments in planning right in the middle of Boston.

Published: October 26, 2018

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