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New Breathalyzer Will Help Cops Arrest and Charge Drivers High on Marijuana

The prototype breathalyzer from Hound Labs promises to be able to determine whether a driver is high on THC (Picture : Hound Labs)

Inventors are developing a breathalyzer they say will be able to determine if a driver is high on marijuana.

Hound Labs, a startup company in Oakland, California said they are working the hypersensitive device that can reveal if a driver has smoked weed in the past two to three hours.

Police do not have a consistent way to test whether a person is currently high behind the wheel, as blood, hair, and urine tests can only determine whether a person has used marijuana in the past week or so.

Hound Labs conducted their second clinical trial of the hand held device in February, which the company said produced promising results.

‘Results from this landmark study confirm – for the first time in a clinical trial – THC is present in breath for two to three hours after smoking, which is the same duration as peak impairment,’ Hound Labs wrote in a statement.

Hound Labs ran their second clinical trial of the device in February and said it produced promising results (Picture: Hound Labs)

‘The trial also concluded that detecting THC in breath for two to three hours requires the capability to measure complex molecules in breath at extraordinarily low levels – to one trillionth of a gram per liter of breath.’

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Published: May 06, 2019

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