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New cannabis company offers delivery to Arizona, California dispensaries

PHOENIX – A California-based company is changing the way dispensaries in Arizona and California conduct business in the cannabis industry.

Cody Alt, a 30-year-old entrepreneur from California has built a successful empire within the cannabis industry, opening his latest company, Kushly, on Thursday.

According to a press release, Kushly began selling cannabis-infused edibles along with special pre-rolled six-packs. The edibles are made out of gelatin and real fruit, giving them a gummy-like texture.

Alt said in the release that Kushly would partner with dispensaries in Arizona and California to sell its products, and will also offer a delivery system to select dispensaries.

In addition, Kushly will also produce white-label edibles for companies outside of Arizona and California that do not have licensed facilities to manufacture their own.

“We are proud to set ourselves apart from our competitors,” Alt said in a press release. “Too many companies are buying cheap ‘penny candy’ that appeals to minors and spraying them with cannabis oil distillate.

“These companies are using a watered down soluble instead of using the 99 percent isolate we use at Kushly.”

Alt explained that the company’s edibles will all be produced at Kushly’s 600,000-square-foot greenhouse and 50,000-square-foot extraction lab in Greenfield, Calif.

Kushly is Alt’s third cannabis company since entering the industry in 2016. His first company, Elevate Media, specialized in social media management for cannabis-related companies.

Alt and his business partner, Jeff Yauck, launched PureKana, a company that specializes in products containing cannabidioil (CBD) in 2017.

CBD is commonly used for medical purposes and is not psychoactive, meaning it does not give users the feeling of being “high.”

Alt has benefited from his companies in a short time, exceeding $10 million in total revenue in 2017. Sales in 2018 were projected to surpass $30 million.

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