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New cannabis consumption lounge wants to open in West Hollywood’s shuttered Flaming Saddles

Original Cannabis Cafe, formerly Lowell Cafe  Wonho Frank Lee

As California races towards a June 15 reopening, West Hollywood’s cannabis consumption lounges are coming back into the fold. A new consumption lounge by a group called Where Eagles Fly/Fanton Flower could open in the former Flaming Saddles, which closed in 2020.

Remember cannabis consumption lounges? West Hollywood was on track to open a handful of them by now. But that was before pandemic shifted focus to less socialized activities, like openly sharing a joint at the Original Cannabis Cafe, where it was perfectly legal to consume a burger with a side of edibles with friends.

WeHo Times reports the West Hollywood License Commission will host a teleconference hearing for Where Eagles Fly/Fanton Flower at 6 p.m. on June 1. A few familiar names are on the application including actress Patricia Arquette, and her son Enzo Rossi. Their entity already received an approval and license by the City of West Hollywood as an edibles lounge in 2018.

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Published: May 31, 2021

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