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New Police Drug Test Aims to Tell Pot From CBD

With the rise in use of CBD to treat ailments from anxiety to arthritis, police across the U.S. now have a problem: Commonly used drug field tests can’t tell the difference between legal hemp products and marijuana.

But the News4 I-Team has learned a new test developed by forensic chemists in Switzerland could help keep American CBD users out of legal trouble.

Area police have yet to deploy the new test, which was just made available in the U.S. in June. But the I-Team, the first news outlet in the U.S. to obtain and try out the Swiss kits, has learned Virginia is now evaluating the test to see whether it’s a suitable replacement for the current drug field kits used by law enforcement in the Commonwealth.

Virginia’s chief forensic scientist told the I-Team that her department, along with the Drug Enforcement Administration, is testing samples “so that we can understand the limitations of that test.”

Popular Police Field Tests Can’t Tell Pot From CBD

Linda Jackson has warned the state’s prosecutors and law enforcement about the old tests’ limitations, but as of now, they are still the only kits her agency has approved for use by law enforcement.

To Read The Rest Of This Article By Jodie Fleischer, Katie Leslie, Steve Jones and Anthony James on NBC 4 News Washington
Published: July 19, 2019
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