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No one will tell me if weed is allowed in ‘The Bachelor’ Mansion

As a staunch member of Bachelor Nation, I watched last week’s premiere of season 24 with enthusiasm, and was ready to watch Peter Weber’s “journey to find love.”

Partway through the episode, I could not help but notice how contestant Katrina Badowski — who was later eliminated during the first rose ceremony — seemed a bit…elevated.

“You need to risk it for the biscuit,” Badowski said. “And he looks like a really fucking hot biscuit.” The biscuit she was referring to was, of course, Bachelor Peter.

As someone who partakes in cannabis (only in places where it is legal and not in my apartment minutes before this episode started, of course), something about Badowski’s look, mode of speech, and the content of what she was saying led me to believe that she was possibly, to put it bluntly, blazed as fuck.

It makes sense! Weed is legal in California, the state where The Bachelor mansion resides, and who wouldn’t want to calm their nerves with a little pre-cocktail party joint? Or perhaps little a edible chocolate, as a treat?

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Published: January 13, 2020

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