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Oscars nominees’ $100,000 gift bag will include cannabis truffles

Ithis Sunday’s Oscars speeches are a little more bizarre than usual it may have something to do with what was in the nominees’ $100,000 gift bags.

The legendary goodie bags, distributed to the 25 nominees in acting and directing, will include hand-made chocolate truffles infused with cannabis.

California recently legalized the drug for recreational use. So if nominees feel like calming their awards nerves during the ceremony in Los Angeles, they can do so on camera without fear of arrest.

Their swag bags will also feature skin care products infused with the drug, including a cannabis facial moisturizer, and free membership of the first cannabis-friendly social club in Los Angeles.

Other freebies for the Hollywood stars will include private “phobia relief” sessions with “the world’s number one phobia expert”.

They will get the choice of a boat trip down the Amazon or to the Galapagos Islands, and a week in a California spa worth $10,000. The quirkiest gift is a distinctive-looking “Mister Poop” toilet plunger.

The cannabis truffles won first prize in the High Times Colorado Cup and come in three flavors – burnt caramel, earl grey, and juniper lemon.

Each chocolate in the “Crescendo Collection” contains 10mg of THC, the high-inducing part of the cannabis plant.

The company that makes them warns if people are unused to cannabis, they should “start low and go slow” rather than eating the whole box all at once.

Swag bags will be delivered to nominees including Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, and Richard E Grant.

They are put together by a company called Distinctive Assets, which is not officially affiliated with the organizers of the Oscars.

Lash Fary, founder of Divine Assets, said they decided to include cannabis gifts for the stars after the drug was legalized in California last year, but admitted it was still somewhat of a hot potato.

He said: “This year, we are so excited about the legalization of cannabis in California so we will be including a number of items in that category.

“But there are quite a few regulations surrounding distribution of cannabis, so we are treading lightly this year as we dip our toe into those waters.”

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Published: February 18, 2019

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