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Our Favorite Cannabis Edibles For End Of Summer Snacking

great stoner once said, “why smoke it, when you can eat it?” That stoner was me, just now. The popularity of edibles has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic as an increasing number of stoners opt for edibles over flowers and concentrates. Since edibles have all of the anxiety-reducing, pain-alleviating, hunger-inducing, and euphoria-producing qualities found in a jar of fresh bud without any of the harmful effects of inhaling smoke into your lungs, they are by far the healthiest way to get a dose of THC into your bloodstream.

Thanks to our new lockdown lifestyles, we need to be courteous in a way we’ve never been before with the people we share a space with. Your non-pot-smoking roommates who previously used to never be home may now be with you the majority of the day, and they might not appreciate you making the entire building smell like Snoop’s tour bus. So instead of taking your huge glass-on-glass bong outside to toke up, why not just pop an edible from the comfort of your own room?

To help you figure out which edibles are worth your time (and money), we’ve compiled a list of all the edibles that we’ve been munching on this summer with a particular emphasis on gummies and hard candies. Why gummies and hard candies? Because it’s summer, and we don’t need a chocolate-y mess on our hands or a pastry that’s going to sweat in its packaging into an unappetizing state.

So let’s dive into our favorite Cannabis edibles for some end of summer snacking!

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Published: August 20, 2020
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