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Oxnard City Council approves cannabis fees and promotes social equity

Oxnard—The Oxnard City Council approved cannabis fees for retail dispensaries, July 30, and offered staff input about a social equity program moving forward.

Retail cannabis locations are being looked at by staff and should move forward when the city council returns from its hiatus in Sept.

Planning and Sustainability Director Kathleen Malloy presented the item to the city council and said the permit fee it collects are for program development costs and allocates the cost across all the applicants.

The fee structure is broken down into program development, $2,218, Application Review (Phase 1) $2,921, Application Interview (Phase 2) $2,704, and Application Interviews (Phase 4) $6,977.

Mallory said that each fee is based on how many hours it takes to work on each phase.

“You have to pay in advance for each next phase,” she said. “Phase 3 ($2,752) is an appeal that is purposely on the bottom, and that would be in the instance that an applicant gets rejected and kicked out during the process because they don’t meet the criteria.”

The total cost for the process without an appeal is $14,820.

The applicant will go through a business application review, Mallory said, followed by a ranking.

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Published: August 05, 2019

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