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Palm Springs City Council approves new fee schedule for cannabis business violations

The Palm Springs City Council on Thursday unanimously approved a new schedule for municipal fines that can be levied on cannabis-related businesses that violate the city rules governing them.

In 2019, Palm Springs adopted a set of revised regulations for cannabis businesses, such as dispensaries and production operations, that was motivated largely by concerns raised by residents about the impact of odors those businesses can produce.

Those regulations outlined several code violations and listed maximum administrative fine amounts the city could administer to businesses that commit them. Maximum fine amounts were set for first, second and third violations within a year. Businesses that commit a second violation are also subject to a possible six-month suspension of their business permits while those that commit a third violation can have their permits revoked.

However, the regulations did not provide any guidance in determining how much businesses should be fined for particular violations beyond setting those maximums. According to a memo to the council from City Manager Justin Clifton, the new fine schedule is intended to provide more clarity by distinguishing between types of violations and setting fines for each.

The new schedule differentiates between minor, moderate and serious violations. The schedule for minor violations is $500 for a first violation within a year, $1,000 for a second and $5,000 for a third. The schedule for moderate violations is $2,500 for a first violation within a year, $7,500 for a second and $10,000 for a third. For serious violations, it’s $5,000 for a first, $10,000 for a second and $25,000 for a third. The overall maximum fines remain the same and will now be levied for third violations at each level.

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Published: October 14, 2021

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