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Police seize 150 pounds of THC-infused edibles from marijuana dispensary

Nearly $217,000 worth of THC-infused edibles were taken from an illegal marijuana dispensary, Fresno police say.

It happened Thursday at 3770 N First Street in Fresno.

According to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, officers seized 150 pounds of THC-infused edibles, 15 pounds of processed marijuana, and 1.5 pounds of concentrated cannabis. THC is the active ingredient of marijuana.

Chief Dyer stated during a news conference that many of the edibles were packaged in a way that closely resembles the candy that might fall in the hands of children.

Chief Dyer said some of the edible packages had small print that stated the candy was for “medical use only”, but the warning could be overlooked by children.

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Published: May 2, 2018

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