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Pot Paradise: Marijuana Mansions Coming To L.A.

One high-end real estate developer is going green … building weed-friendly mansions for athletes, CEOs and celebs looking to harvest their own herb at home and take advantage of the plant’s healing powers without ever having to get off the couch!

Ray Nosrati of Huntington Estate Properties is building 5 marijuana mansions in Bel-Air and Westside, and each residence contains a cannabis conservatory … it’s basically a stoner’s spin on a cigar room, specifically designed for blazing up and growing ganja.

The individual homes — call them the houses that hemp built — are being advertised to active and retired athletes who are interested in at-home, anti-inflammatory medicine for daily life … because THC and CBD can do wonders for all the physical and mental stress that comes with being one of the world’s elite ballers.

Check out the gallery … the special cannabis room inside each home comes with its own dedicated harvester, who will work magic for 2 years cultivating, watering, fertilizing and harvesting crops and/or vegetables using organic hydroponics. In Los Angeles, you can grow up to 6 plants in your home. Sounds dank!

The first 2 pothead paradises are scheduled for completion next summer, but it’s gonna take some serious green to live like Bob Marley … the mansions are gonna be listed between $30-40 million.

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Published: October 31, 2018

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