Saving Sophie and CannaKids at the Hollywood Roosevelt

Photo: Dan Nero, Sophie Ryan, Tracy Ryan and Kristen Yoder

By: R.W. Navis, Contributing Writer

A loyal and festive group braved torrential rain at the poolside Saving Sophie event last Friday evening. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel served as the venue which ran well into the wee hours of the night. Everyone was so “Infused” with enthusiasm that no one wanted to leave.

CannaKids and CK Labs

The night was in honor of Sophie Ryan and her mother Tracy who have been thru a lot over Sophie’s short life thus far. Sophie you see was diagnosed with brain tumor at a very young age and has survived and prospered thru the pioneering cannabis treatment work of Dr. Anahid Jewett from UCLA and the constant research efforts of her parents Tracy and Josh.

Saving Sophie is a non-profit focused on providing unlimited online educational resources to families who have been stricken by cancer, autism or epilepsy. With a mission to raise funds for groundbreaking cancer research, the goal is to support scientists who are working towards bringing less toxic therapies to market.

Everyone in attendance knows the plight of the Ryan family and the possibilities that their journey will offer others. You see the work of Dr. Jewett will be not stop just with Sophie. CannaKids has evolved to carry on this work and expand the possible cures to a greater patient base. At the new CK Labs this work will continue in the hopes of successfully treating patients of all ages by the use of cannabis.

Photo: Josh Crossney  with Sophie Ryan

Quite a Cohesive Group

This was a group that felt good about being here. The rain seemed like a slight annoyance and brought everyone much closer together inside. The crowd was a mixture of the CannaKids family including investors, personal friends and industry professionals. And yes a fair amount of cocktails were enjoyed for sure.

Josh Crossney head of the Cannabis Science Conference in Portland always grabs attention with his incredibly unique shoes. Josh and Sophie caught everyone’s attention as Sophie eagerly accepted his and others special presents by the pool.

Kristen Yoder host of The Cannabis BS Detector podcast and radio personality was sharing a couch with Tracy Ryan, Sophie Ryan and well-known investor Dan Nero. Tara Kelly, President of Ghost Vapes joined in as well.

CannMed 2018

Tracy Ryan and Dr. Jewett will also be ever present at the upcoming CannMed event at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center October 22-24. If you have an interest in what is developing in the cannabis science sector this is the place to be.

This is a three-day event with a VIP Dinner kicking off the event on October 22. Dr. Bonni Goldstein who is Sophie Ryan’s doctor will be presenting along with the brightest minds in cannabis medical research. Jeff Chen MD of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative will be hosting a panel on the Therapeutic Potential of Cannabis for Alzheimer’s Disease. Keynote speaker for the event is the famed Raphael Mechoulam PHD from Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Published: October 16, 2018

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