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Seeding the Hemp Revolution with First Crop

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While many of our readers are hemp and CBD loyalists, it is still a widely misunderstood plant. However, hemp is possibly one of the biggest catalysts we have at our disposal for healing people and the planet. It is drought tolerant, uses 30% less H20 than cotton, and has a unique ability to remove pollutants from the soil, take carbon out of the air and put it back into the earth. It can also help invigorate our economy and drive new life back into farming (the average age of farmers is currently 58).

Hemp now legal to grow with the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill, yet farmers still unsure of the best practices for producing the crop. First Crop is holding hands with prospective hemp farmers to ensure their crop is successful and profitable. They are promoting regenerative agricultural practices, subsidizing upfront costs, then profit sharing with the farmers once First Crop cultivates the hemp into CBD products. 

Farmers in the U.S. are now growing hemp for the first time in 50 years, and it’s already the third-largest cultivator of hemp in the world. Through the Seed the Revolution campaign, live now on Indiegogo, First Crop is helping to lead the charge.

The company’s co-founder, Michael Bowman, is the founding chair of the National Hemp Association and a longtime advocate of hemp. He authored the 2014 Farm Bill Amendment, (Section 7606), which created the first legal framework for hemp cultivation since 1933. Last December, the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law, removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and legalizing it as an agricultural commodity.

Bowman believes industrial hemp is the next big new idea, offering fiber, food, hemp proteins, animal feed, animal bedding, and bioplastics, as well as the ability to regenerate soil and =draw carbon out of the atmosphere.

The Seed the Revolution campaign encourages consumers to put a stake in the ground and plant their own future with hemp—as well as their own first crop—alongside First Crop and to strengthen rural communities by empowering small and mid-sized farmers to grow and integrate this important crop into their cultivation activities.

Participants can join the campaign for a number of rewards including CBD tinctures and body lotions, t-shirts and tickets to the inaugural First Crop Hemp Harvest Festival.

Plant your own hemp seeds by helping to Seed the Revolution here.

Published: July 01, 2019

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