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Smoking more weed gets you higher, but here’s the downside

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The more you smoke, the higher you’ll get. But once you’ve hit a certain point, if you continue to ingest THC, you’ll likely experience uncomfortable side effects or fall asleep.

Logic says that the more weed you smoke, the higher you’ll get and the longer you’ll be able to keep the high. This is true up to a point. When it comes to marijuana, everybody has a personal level of tolerance. And once you get to a certain point, the THC will make you feel drowsy, sedated and very uncomfortable.

Consuming too much marijuana is never a good feeling, producing highs that are paranoid and that last for hours. According to research, THC levels in your blood peak about 8 minutes after consuming. If you continue to consume, you’ll get higher, but things are likely to get very messy, resulting in a crash nap if you keep pushing. You can liken it to the moment when you’re tipsy and having fun, but when you continue to drink, you may very well black out drunk.

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High THC levels is also correlated with higher levels of anxiety and paranoia, which will make the whole experience more uncomfortable and will facilitate symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

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Published: February 24, 2021

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