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Snoop Dogg Praises Kevin Smith’s New Show

The pilot episode for Kevin Smith’s series Hollyweed recently hit fledgling streaming service Rivit TV and now it looks like that the series has a fan in none other than Snoop Dogg.

Snoop took to Twitter today to encourage his followers to go watch the Hollyweed pilot, declaring the show to be “funny as hell”. You can check out the tweet below.

That’s pretty high praise and one with a bit of prestige behind it. In addition to his career in various facets of entertainment, Snoop is also an active entrepreneur and investor with multiple marijuana-based business ventures including a delivery service, a line of cannabis products, and a cannabis-focused digital media platform named Merry Jane.

Snoop’s endorsement of Hollyweed is certain to draw additional interest in the series, which could be very positive for Hollyweed. Rivit TV’s platform allows fans with a free look at a TV series’ pilot, then allows them to name their price for future episodes. If enough money is pledged to make continuing the series viable, the series is greenlit and continues. For Smith, Rivit TV’s unique platform may be the only option the series has to come to life.

“Two years ago, we shot a pilot for a show called Hollyweed and tried to take it out the traditional way but had no luck,” said Smith. “Cut to now, and we get to bring it back to life. Thanks to the good folks at Rivit TV, we raised it from the dead, it’s crazy. Rivit TV was smart enough to take this show and leave it up to my fans.”

Described by Smith as “Clerks in a weed store,” the show follows two men managing a medical marijuana dispensary, played by Donnell Rawlings and Smith himself, in Los Angeles as they navigate the ups and downs of operating a small business. The pilot is written and directed by Smith also stars Adam Brody, Jason Mewes and Ralph Garman. Should the show go forward, Smith will serve as showrunner and executive producer alongside longtime collaborators Jordan Monsanto and Liz Destro.

According to the Rivit TV page for Hollyweed, the show needs to raise over $5 million on or before August 26, 2018 in order to green light a first full season of the series. Currently, the show is sitting at around $157,000 in pledges spread over a range of per episode price points. You can check out the show’s page here.

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Published: July 18, 2018

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