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Social and Racial Equity in the Cannabis Influencer Industry

Both business and culture surrounding legal cannabis have certainly seen a lot of attention over the last few years.

With cannabis rapidly becoming legalized in more U.S. states, we are seeing that culture reach a much broader audience.

But, is that culture representative of Black and racially diverse industry professionals?

Cannabis marketing and advertising are becoming more mainstream and cannabis companies are taking full advantage of how many people they are reaching.

As far as marketing goes in 2020, Instagram is king — it’s estimated that there are roughly 1 billion Instagram users worldwide.

This massive audience has created an entirely new marketing and advertising industry that employs “influencers” to push company products to their tens or hundreds of thousands (and sometimes even millions) of followers.

The potential consumer reach is enormous, and almost every successful company in the world is turning to the ‘gram to market their products.

This mass employ of influencers in advertising has created an entire culture surrounding social media.

The marketing scheme is simple: companies find influencers with a large following, offer to send them products for free, and pay them a stipend.

In exchange, these influencers advertise the company’s products on their Instagram via posts, stories, and reels.

The more people from their following that buy these products, the more money both the companies and influencers make.

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Published: September 09, 2020

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