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Sprig’s THC beverages to be manufactured on Tinley’s newly installed canning line in Long Beach

Sprig’s award-winning cannabis infused beverages to relaunch in THC format in California, produced at The Tinley Beverage Company’s Long Beach facility. The hemp-derived CBD versions of Sprig’s beverages, manufactured at third-party beverage facilities, are available nationwide.

LOS ANGELES and TORONTO, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. (CSE:TNY, OTC:TNYBF) (“Tinley’s” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that California’s longstanding favourite cannabis beverage “Sprig” will produce at Tinley’s bottling facility in Long Beach, California.

Sprig was founded in Newport Beach, California, in 2015 and quickly became one of California’s most prominent cannabis beverages. The company was founded with one goal: To make delicious, refreshing cannabis-infused sparkling beverages to the highest standards of major brands.

Sprig also sells its hemp-derived CBD-infused beverages in stores and online nationwide. Working with Tinley’s, Sprig is now re-introducing its award-winning THC-infused beverages—Citrus Original and Citrus Zero Sugar—to California dispensaries and licensed home delivery channels in 2021, after receiving significant interest from dispensaries and consumers for Sprig in its original THC format. The CBD versions will continue to be manufactured in third-party facilities as California law prohibits manufacture of hemp-derived CBD products in cannabis-licensed facilities.

Sprig reports that since inception, consumers have purchased nearly 3 million cans of Sprig, and consumers will now be able to enjoy these products in both CBD and THC versions, with the THC version available in California through licensed dispensaries and delivery.

Tinley’s expects Sprig to be the first product to be produced on the Company’s canning line, which is the third bottling line to be installed at its facility in Long Beach, California.

“Sprig has produced canned, carbonated cannabis drinks longer than any other brand,” said Josh Rosinsky, Sprig’s Vice President of Sales. “We’re excited to be re-launching our THC products in California with Tinley’s. Tinley ‘s shares our number one commitment: to produce the highest-quality products, to exacting safety and purity standards.”

“Our canning line represents a significant additional source of production capacity. Together with our bottling and mini lines, and with our tunnel pasteurizer, our facility in Long Beach now offers a large variety of packaging, formulation and batching options for third-party brands,” said Rick Gillis, President of Tinley’s, Western USA. “We’re excited for Sprig to be the first brand to run on this new canning equipment”.

About The Tinley Beverage Company and Beckett’s Tonics

The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. (OTC:TNYBF, CSE:TNY) manufactures the Beckett’s Classics™ and Beckett’s 27™ line of non-alcoholic, terpene-infused spirits and cocktails. Beckett’s products are available in mainstream food, beverage and specialty retailers, as well as online across the United States. Cannabis-infused versions of these products are also offered under the Tinley’s™ brand in licensed dispensaries throughout California. Expansion to Canada is underway for both product lines. Tinley’s facility in Long Beach California contains some of the state’s most versatile and technologically advanced cannabis-licensed beverage manufacturing equipment. Please visit, Instagram @drinktinleys and @drinkbecketts for recipes, product information and home delivery options.

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