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Starbuds and Vertical Companies Form Joint Venture to Launch Popular Luxury Cannabis Brand Kaviar

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LA-based Vertical, among the world’s largest vertically integrated companies in the cannabis industry, is pleased to announce a partnership with popular luxury cannabis brand, Kaviar, to bring its signature Kaviar Moonrocks and Kaviar Cones to licensed retail locations throughout California and Arizona.

“Right from the start, we knew that we wanted to build a brand that both customers and dispensaries could count on for professionalism, consistency, quality, and innovation”

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Colorado based Kaviar has developed an exquisite lineup of artisan, made-from-scratch concentrates and infused cones. “Right from the start, we knew that we wanted to build a brand that both customers and dispensaries could count on for professionalism, consistency, quality, and innovation,” said Moe Atieh, General Manager of Kaviar.

J. Smoke Wallin, President of Vertical Companies, running distribution, sales and marketing, added “Our mission is to assemble the most desirable portfolio of brands for our retail customers. The Starbuds team has built out an incredible large-scale operation in Colorado over the past five years. They have perfected Kaviar in Colorado and we expect it to be a huge hit for our Arizona and California customers.”

Kaviar’s products center around the Trifecta—Flower, Oil, Kief—and include Moonrocks, Kief, and Pre-Rolled Cones. Kaviar’s signature Moonrocks begin with premium cannabis infused with hash oil, gently coated with kief, slightly heated, re-oiled and re-rolled in kief creating a consistently dense, potent, and smooth character. Kaviar Cones are premium flower infused with hash oil, ground and expertly rolled in kief before adding a signature Kaviar branded glass tip.

About Kaviar

Our mission is to produce the world’s finest cannabis and deliver moments of euphoria through our exquisite products. Kaviar’s proprietary blend of top-quality flower, hash oil, and kief, ensure a smooth and slow burning experience, perfect for every occasion. Our THC content ranges from 60%-80% providing a consistent, potent experience. Kaviar redefines the relationship between cannabis and luxury.

About Vertical™

Vertical is among the first and largest vertically integrated companies in the legal (medical and adult-use) cannabis industry and in the Hemp based CBD industry. Vertical Wellness™ is focused on lifestyle, health, and wellness products exclusively produced from Hemp. Operations in AZ, KY, and CA, combined with strategic partnerships in OH and additional markets in the works, position Vertical well to take advantage of the legalization and mainstreaming of cannabis and Hemp globally. Vertical has the largest portfolio of brands in the industry with offerings in multiple form factors and demographics. The Company is led by an executive team of entrepreneurs and business leaders from the alcohol beverage, agriculture, CPG, distribution, entertainment, food, healthcare, and medical industries.

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