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States setting their own CBD rules as federal action lags

Hoping to resolve the legal confusion surrounding the selling of CBD products, states are starting to leapfrog federal health regulators and give hemp entrepreneurs permission to put cannabis extracts in food, drinks and dietary supplements.

But the efforts aren’t reducing legal headaches for the hemp industry.

That’s because states and even local governments are crafting their own health-and-safety regulations, giving product manufacturers and retailers a dizzying array of laws to consider before selling their products across state lines.

“People are hopeful and excited, and they want to think, ‘Great! We can do it now,’” said Anita Sabine, a Los Angeles-based cannabis attorney. “But it’s really not a one-size-fits-all approach. There is no such thing as a 50-state rollout.”It’s a paradoxical consequence of hemp legalization through last year’s Farm Bill. As more farmers seek to grow hemp, and mainstream retailers and restaurants feel more comfortable carrying CBD products, states are trying to give the industry legal assurances that these products won’t be seized as illegal contraband.

The accompanying map shows the wide variety of state approaches on CBD. Some states have ignored the CBD sales trend, leaving enforcement up to local agencies that are trying to make sense of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

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Published: July 03, 2019

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