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Stop the West Hollywood ban on cannabis smoking and vaping!

On August 3, 2020, the West Hollywood City Council took up an overbroad measure that would ban smoking and vaping cannabis in apartments and condos. This new prohibition — which is included in a proposed ban on cigarettes and e-cigarettes — flies in the face of the city’s decades-long commitment to compassionate, sensible cannabis policies. The City Council plans to continue considering the ban on Monday, August 17.

Here’s what you can do to defend our hard-won rights:

1. Write the City Council, using MPP’s automated system. While we’ve provided a sample letter, consider personalizing it, especially if you find relief from smoked or vaporized cannabis.

• If you prefer, you can email the City Council at
• You may also want to check out some excellent points from our allies at L.A. NORML.

2. Sign this petition.

3. Especially if this impacts you directly, mark your calendar for Monday, August 17, and plan to speak out at the City Council meeting. Each speaker will have two minutes. You can also submit a public comment once the meeting’s agenda is posted, which is typically five to seven days in advance.

4. Spread the word! Share this on social media and mobilize your friends. You can use this shortcut link:

We need to send an overwhelming message to the City Council: It’s wrong to lump cannabis in with tobacco and to ban cannabis vaping and smoking at home. Because it’s illegal to smoke or vape cannabis in public, this ban would be nearly absolute — the only exception would be cannabis cafes that are costly and impractical for regular use.

Unlike cigarettes, cannabis is not linked to lung cancer or COPD. Rather than being a hazard, cannabis is an essential part of treatment for millions of Americans. And for many, edibles are no substitute: Lots of cannabis consumers rely on the rapid effect and precise dosage of inhaled cannabis, along with the synergistic effect of all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in flower.

Together, we can stop this ill-conceived proposal, which would strip West Hollywood residents of their rights and set a devastating precedent. Please, take action now and help mobilize opposition!

Stop the West Hollywood ban on cannabis smoking and vaping! PDF

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