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SWAT Team Discovers Massive Illegal Marijuana Grow In Riverside

A massive illegal marijuana grow found by SWAT in Riverside (credit: CBSLA)

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) – A massive illegal marijuana grow spanning an entire city block was discovered by authorities in Riverside after neighbors noticed a strong smell.

About 40,000 plants were found inside of a nursery greenhouse, with the potential to produce 20,000 pounds of pot, an estimated street value of $20 million.

The hidden plants were conveniently concealed behind a nursery and nestled in between the orange groves in Riverside’s scenic greenbelt neighborhood.

Neighbor Loretta Lewis said, “I couldn’t believe it,” and explained how her children asked her about the smell.

She believed the nursery was growing Chinese herbs, but then her kids started asking her about a strong smell saying, “Mom can you smell that smell? It’s pretty rank.”

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Published: April 2019

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