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Temple grad and George Lopez to launch cannabis-inspired clothing line

After battling testicular cancer, Temple University Fox School of Business graduate has launched Sir Cannabis Apparel. Thanks to social media, his story drew the support of comedian George Lopez, who’s image is incorporated into the garments he’s selling.

The comedian isn’t involved financially; he just likes what a cancer survivor’s Sir Cannabis Apparel is all about

The past several years could have gone much differently for Chris Voag and his family.

In 2012, he was in his second to last semester at Northampton Community College when he was diagnosed with stage one testicular cancer, which brought on a month of rigorous treatment.

That meant facing cyst platinum chemotherapy – which he called “the strongest chemotherapy” – and he offset those treatments by smoking “some Pineapple Express from the black market, one or two grams a day.”

He credits that cannabis strain with keeping him “nausea-free during the entire process” and getting him back to school and gym within a matter of weeks.

Getting back to school enabled him to enroll at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. That progress was met with some more bad medical news, though.

“Fast forward three years later to my last semester at Temple and my father was diagnosed with stage four oral cancer,” he said. “It didn’t look like he was going to make it.”

That last quote came with a caveat: as he does for his own cancer battle, Voag credited cannabis – specifically the “Skywalker OG strain” – with helping his father Jim through a perilous fight.

To hear Voag tell it, “doctors wanted to remove his (father’s) tongue and cut three other tumors out of his neck.” Then came the “Rick Simpson oil,” hot THC tea and vaporization.

The family thinks that that helped his father survive treatment without following the daunting prospects recommended after diagnosis.

“He’s remained cancer-free ever since,” Voag shared last week.

“Everybody has a story, but they’re usually full of s***. He wasn’t.” –George Lopez

We share all that information not to present cannabis as having saved the lives of a father and a son, but as background to explain how “Sir Cannabis Apparel” came to be. (After all, his oncologists weren’t all that keen on his penchant to involve cannabis in his treatment, he admitted.)

Upon graduating from Temple with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management – “with a focus into entrepreneurship” – he launched that effort with a weekly “Cannabis Warrior Series” on Instagram.

“It was a way to highlight patients like me and my dad in an effort to remove stigmas by proving the versatility of cannabis one person at a time,” he said of launching “Sir Cannabis Apparel” in 2016.

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Published: January 24, 2019

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