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The best characters on TV are all weed-smoking moms

While Frankie’s love for weed is pretty evident through her hippie lifestyle, her co-star Jane Fonda’s character Grace Hanson doesn’t openly puff and tell. Netflix

From Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda’s comic partnership in Grace and Frankie to the prowess of Kathy Bates as a hippie entrepreneur in Disjointed (not to mention Marge Simpson freaking out about “Cheeches and Chongs!” only to have an eventual change of heart), here are a list of our favourite cannabis-loving moms on TV.

Scare people or sell weed, Kathy Bates can do it all

Whether it’s scaring the daylights out of people in Misery and American Horror Story or selling weed like a pro in Netflix comedy, Disjointedis there anything Oscar winner Kathy Bates can’t do?

In Disjointed, Bates plays Ruth Whitefeather Feldman. Netflix

In Disjointed, Bates plays the role of cannabis advocate Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, who hires her recently graduated son and a team of young budtenders to run a cannabis shop in Los Angeles. Although the pot-smoking, weed-selling role lasted only a season, Bates came out in support of legalization and admitted to using weed to treat her chronic pain.

“Originally, when I was going through breast cancer, my oncologist prescribed some, because my recovery was painful and the marijuana was a tremendous help. And now they have vape pens, which are a lot less caustic in terms of smoke,” she told The Independent. “And since you can control the amount of your intake, you can smoke and be functional during the day — although I don’t smoke when I work. That to me is unprofessional.”

In the name of research, Bates also admitted to “living the actor’s dream of lying bed, reading the script stoned” on Late Night with Seth Meyers. 

Major mom vibes turn Marge Simpson into a drug dealer

She is the glue that holds Simpson household together, but a day unlike any other has Marge questioning her worth in Highway to Well (Season 31 Episode 17). Her kids don’t need her, her husband is busy at work and she has all the free time in the world.

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Published: May 08, 2020

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